Professionals with drug and alcohol problems

Drug & alcohol problems at work

Professionals with alcohol & drug problems

The importance of rehab treatment

Watch experienced addiction therapists talk about how you can overcome problems with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

Find out all you need to know about rehab treatment options, how to rebuild your life, save your career and regenerate your brain function. Support from experienced rehab professionals beats alcohol, drug and gambling addiction and saves careers and families. 

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Treat addiction, avoid burnout, revitalise your career, regain your confidence, lead your business, inspire others.

Alcohol, cocaine, drugs and gambling can cause problems among executives and professionals in every sector.

This sensitive issue is compounded by confidentiality and privacy requirements, time constraints and client commitments.

Spot the signs of addiction and find the best possible executive rehab treatment solution with our extensive, authoritative guide.

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Managing a business, being a CEO, hitting sales targets, juggling client portfolios, tough schedules, working long hours or night shifts and travelling internationally can be tiring, stressful and isolating.

These work pressures can result in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as over-drinking and drug use. Busy executives and professionals often prioritise their work lives at the expense of their health and ignore the warning signs of an unhealthy lifestyle.

You are an intelligent person, you have worked hard to forge a successful career, but your addiction is now threatening that hard work and things need to change. You need to channel your energy into your recovery. The Executive Rehab Guide and Guide to Rehab equips you with the information and tools you need to tackle alcohol and drug problems proactively and at the earliest possible stage to avoid damage to your career.