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Cannabis / Skunk

Cannabis Among Professionals

Cannabis is a depressant (it relaxes the brain) and is often used by professionals at the end of a hard days work, as a means of unwinding and preparing for sleep. But cannabis can have a very negative effect and medics with experience of drug treatment often say that it is one of the most potentially damaging drugs of all, due to its ability to make fundamental changes in the brain. One in ten adults who regularly smokes cannabis becomes dependent on it and those who use it are more likely to go on to use harder drugs.

Another common issue faced by executives and professionals who have children is that their children may be experimenting with cannabis or skunk with their peers. Cannabis among young people not only affects the developing brain but it is also the main “gateway drug” that leads users onto harder drugs.

Cannabis Abuse

“Cannabis is still the most commonly used illicit substance in the UK and the one most widely used by adolescents." - Addiction Today Magazine. 

Cannabis is perhaps the most misunderstood drug on the illegal market. Supporters of the “legalise cannabis” campaign, and young people across Western Europe, tend to regard it as a harmless recreational drug.  “Medical marijuana” is available in some parts of the USA and cannabis users like to believe it is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol.

Skunk and Addiction

According to Dr Margaret McCann, the medical director of Castle Craig Hospital, "there are increasingly potent strains of cannabis, such as skunk, which can cause psychotic illness. Many of the patients at Castle Craig are being treated for cannabis addiction, where cannabis is the primary drug of the addiction."

Sue Philips, a former patient at Castle Craig, said "A lot of people don't know that cannabis is a mild hallucinogenic and its THC content is getting stronger and stronger. If you keep putting hallucinogens into your system your perception of reality is going to be hugely changed. I know several people who have ended up being diagnosed for schizophrenia through cannabis use. It's not a safe drug, it's not a soft option."

A report in the Journal of Global Policy and Practice says that there is a “persistent culture of denial” and “the level of public understanding about cannabis remains inadequate”.  The authors of this new report say this represents a “public health time-bomb” for the UK.

Private Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Private cannabis rehab treatment helps users to break free from the cycle of addiction.

For information about cannabis addiction and rehab treatment please call Castle Craig's confidential, free, 24 hour helpline or use our therapist call back service to receive immediate professional advice.

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