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Your Guide to Rehab: Why it’s necessary and why it could save your life.

Recovering From Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health: What’s Not Normal and When to Seek Help I used to drink socially with friends, and slowly began to drink more and more. I started to drink alone, in the mornings, and experimenting with drugs to make me feel happier. I wouldn’t believe my family when they said that this wasn’t normal and … Read more

How do I know when my alcohol/drug use is ‘bad enough’?

How bad is my addiction: When you NEED to go to rehab For more than 30 years, The Executive Rehab Guide has been providing essential advice, support and connecting people suffering from a range of issues such as depression, anxiety and stress to the right treatments. We work with individuals and families to ensure long-lasting … Read more

Help for you

How to get better Executive Rehab Guide is a  free help and assistance service that ensures you are connected to the best rehabs and treatments. We provide guidance on treatment options and advise on the most appropriate therapies for your circumstance. Our professional therapists and staff provide essential advice for both in-patients and outpatients across … Read more

Mental Health

The link between addiction and mental health 25% of the UK’s population suffer from a mental health issue of some kind each year. –  Mind Mental health issues are incredibly common. We are all capable of experiencing a mental disorder at some point in our lives. People experiencing even mild depression do not just experience … Read more