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Help for employers

Developing strategies to help employees with alcohol, drug or gambling problems will not only save companies time, money and resources, but it will also improve the image of a company in the eyes of the workforce and help boost staff morale.

Employers, managers and supervisors are well-positioned to intervene and get help for someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs and ultimately save their career.

Helping an employee with alcohol, drug or gambling problems to access private rehab treatment will save a valuable company asset and increase productivity in the long-term.

It is crucial for companies to have an alcohol and drugs policy in place so that problems are dealt with efficiently, effectively and consistently. 

Family Support

Louise C, business owner and Paul Kirsten, therapist at Castle Craig

Dr Mike McCann, Occupational Health Physician and co-author of ‘Alcohol, Drugs & Employment’, offers advice to employers and company doctors:

  • Every company should do a risk assessment of the potential impact that alcohol and drug abuse can cause to the organisation, the employees, the public, health and safety;
  • Alert employees and managers to the benefits of addressing these issues;
  • Train managers and supervisors in how to deal with these issues.