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Support your Employees

Castle Craig Hospital offers four simple steps to help you support your employees:

1. Drug and alcohol policy in the workplace

According to the World Health Organisation’s Global Action Plan, every employee should have access to a health consultation service at work. Drug and alcohol policies in the workplace ensure issues are dealt with effectively, and consistently, benefitting the employee, the employer and the business as a whole. A policy such as this can encourage employees to seek help early, providing a higher chance of treatment success.

We offer consulting and supervision throughout the development of your drug and alcohol policy.

2. Assessments and confidential helpline

If you have an employee who is showing signs of alcohol or drug abuse or who is seeking support, Castle Craig can help. We provide initial assessments, interventions and consulting for employees and their superiors, either in person or over our confidential helpline.

3. Addiction awareness training for managers

With addiction issues becoming more and more prevalent in the business world, it is essential for every manager to have an understanding and awareness for addiction and its effects in the workplace.

Castle Craig offers awareness seminars and training to educate leadership personnel on this important part of organisational health.

4. Intensive, personalised treatment in our residential addiction rehab clinic

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