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For people with drug and alcohol problems

Help for family, a friend or a coworker

Executive Rehab Guide aims to give you the information to understand the effects that alcohol and drugs are having on the mind and body of your family member, and how you can help them to get access to rehab treatment, rebuild their life and family relationships, keep their job and maintain a successful career without drugs, alcohol or gambling.

Family Support

Louise C, business owner and Paul Kirsten, therapist at Castle Craig

Louise C, who runs a successful business in Scotland, tells the story of how it took her husband, father and brother to get her in a car and drive her to a rehab clinic: “it took three men to drop me at the door of Castle Craig. The car doors were locked because they knew I would jump out.”

Paul Kirsten, therapist at Castle Craig, talks about the fear people have of ‘coming out’ about their problems with alcohol and drugs, especially in the workplace. “If people know they are going to be supported around the issues of addiction they are going to be more encouraged to open up and to seek the neccessary help.”