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How to avoid being an enabler

Many family members or partners can be enablers or instigate the problem without even realising it.

How to tell if you’re contributing to the problem

We treat 10,000 people a year and are committed to delivering real lasting results for families affected by depression, anxiety and stress.

Providing strength and resilience to our visitors, the Executive Rehab Guide has helped 10,000 people reclaim their lives and regain hope.

The staff are simply out of this world. The location is peaceful and beautiful. Only when I was near leaving did I appreciate how fabulous the whole place was. William Allan is out of this world. I mean, out of this WORLD.” – Ed

We are primarily dedicated to providing safe therapy treatments that provide long-lasting results for families and people affected by depression, stress and high levels of anxiety.

Stress, anxiety and depression have the power to disrupt even the strongest of people’s lives.

It is because of these overwhelming problems that can cause family members to lose all hope and turn to alcohol or drugs.

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Are you the victim of emotional turmoil?

When someone in your household is experiencing severe depression, everything is a crisis.

The hurt, confusion, pain and anger can sweep throughout the entire family, making you all victims to emotion.

Right now, you might be sacrificing yourself and your self-care for the one you love. You might be a victim of verbal, emotional or physical assault because of the disease.

Whatever the horrors of your story are, we are here to stop you from putting out the fires at the expense of your family, health and happiness.

It’s completely natural to want to help the one you love, but you also might be enabling the problem, causing a strain on your finances, time and energy.

In the end, your life begins to revolve around the chaos and the toxic effects of depression and anxiety.

Trying to take the matter into your own hands by trying to hide alcohol, or give ultimatums to your loved one all contribute to preventing your loved one from receiving the correct care they need to be better again.

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Do you encourage poor behaviour?

One of the biggest signs of enabling behaviour is denial.

We understand that for family members it is easy to fall into the trap of blame, guilt and shame.

This causes family members in difficult times to isolate themselves from the one they love and ignore that a problem exists.

Typical thoughts are:

  • “They don’t mean it”
  • “It’s not that bad”
  • “They will stop when they want”
  • “It’s just because…”

Making excuses for the one you love is natural. Lying to yourself about how bad things have got is also natural.

But the longer you ignore depression, anxiety or stress, the worse it can fester and the more it can tear your family apart.

Sometimes situations like these can be very difficult to deal with on your own. We’ve seen many families not what to do in this situation and the right way to react.

Remember, this is normal – you’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

Seek professional help, call 0808 256 6163 to speak to one of our admissions specialists like Anne Goodall, who can step in and take control. Phone lines are open 24/7.

Do you make excuses?

Do you find yourself lying to cover up behaviour? Have you called in sick on their behalf?

Have you made up stories to tell friends, co-workers and neighbours to cover up your loved one’s behaviour? This is a red flag.

If you are lying or being an accomplice to these lies then you are contributing to the problem and enabling it.

This will only sweep things under the carpet, rather than get your loved one the help you know they need and deserve.

See Experiential treatments that can help.

Are you blaming yourself?

The Executive Rehab Guide has met many families where the spouse or parent blame themselves for their loved one’s depression.

Often, you might think that if you were a better father/mother/sister/brother/friend/spouse that things might have ended up differently.

It’s normal for a friend or family member in these situations to try to take responsibility.

But it must be understood that depression is so powerful that it can replace the one you love with a stranger.

This is not something you can blame yourself for, but something instead, you can help with.

As long as you let the problem persist, the more the problem will become rapidly worse. Here’s when you should intervene.

Do you continue like normal even though the depression is ruining your family’s life?

Allowing the relationship to continue as it is will never create the outcome you want.

As bad as it may be now, it will get worse and there will be more and more instances that drive you further apart.

The truth of the situation is a sad one – depression will continue to take over your life even if you are not the one with the problem, leaving you exhausted and feeling hopeless yourself.

If you are at the point where you cannot continue like this, then it might be time for a change. Call 0808 256 6163 today.

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