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How much drug addiction costs

The 4 stages of drug addiction

In order to contextualise this case study, it is important to outline the stages of drug addiction.

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Stage 1: Initiation and experimentation

This stage marks a person’s introduction to, and experimentation with, alcohol. Drugs and alcohol at this stage are associated with social experiences and a lack of consequences.

Substance abuse in stage 1 is not regular, but it carries health risks if an individual is exposed to a harmful or dangerous drug or alcohol substance.

Stage 2: Regular use

Some people can regularly drink or take drugs and not become addicted, however at this stage, you may feel a sense of withdrawal from the substance and also from your social circles too and you may start to use alone.

Stage 3: Problematic use

Your alcohol or drug use at this stage has begun to take a negative toll on your life.

You may drive under the influence, and your academic, personal and professional life has begun to suffer.

Most tend to make excuses for their use or hide their addiction from others. Read more.

Stage 4: Dependency and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

You have become fully dependent on drugs or alcohol and going without using results in serious withdrawal.

You are physically and psychologically dependent at this stage.

Whatever your situation, you must never feel that your addiction is not ‘bad enough’, and you should not feel guilty or shameful.

Help is out there for you and there are so many people who want to support you.

Example of the additional costs of drug addiction

Karen, a 31-year old woman living in London is struggling with drug addiction.

She is currently between stages 3 and 4 of drug addiction – she still has his job, but her professional, personal and social relationships are beginning to suffer.

It is important to note that someone who is also between stage 2 and 3 can be spending a similar amount on alcohol or drugs.

Karen’s annual income is around £32,500, but her financial situation is worsening because she continues to try and maintain her addiction.

If you or someone you love is spending a significant amount on their addiction then it is time to seek help to kickstart the road to recovery.

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Below is a table which outlines the cost of Karen’s drug addiction, in addition to regular overheads such as rent or mortgage, tax and council tax, utility bills, food and other daily costs of living:

How much is residential rehab treatment?

Even despite these shocking figures, most avoid residential rehab or do not seek the help they need because they find rehab costly.

The recommended 28-day residential rehab treatment begins at £14,500, which means that, with all costs included, rehab costs an average of £3,625 per week.

This is much less than what your addiction is costing you on top of standard living costs per month.

A year of costs associated with drug addiction is enough to pay for rehab 3 times over.

Residential rehab is therefore a very small price to pay for long-term recovery and lifetime sobriety.

If your addiction has left you in a difficult financial situation, then you can still receive the help you need and deserve.

There are a number of funding options available to you to help you pay for residential rehab.

Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we are committed to finding you the help you need, and answering any queries you may have.

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