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Affordable Residential Addiction Treatment Centres

Where to find low-cost addiction centres for rehab treatment

Not everyone can afford to pay for private addiction treatment.

Unfortunately, in the UK and in other countries, residential addiction treatment usually has to be paid for privately due to a lack of public funding and lengthy NHS waiting lists. Many people are also put off at having to go through months worth of meetings with social services to obtain funding.

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There are low-cost options

If you are reading this page, you may have already contacted some addiction rehabs and discovered that their treatment is too expensive for you.

You might also have contacted your local addiction teams or your GP and been told that your chances of getting a place in a residential rehab are minimal.

For this reason, we are presenting to you several low-cost treatment options.

We want to reassure you that low cost does not necessarily mean low quality.

Low-cost rehabs may have less specialised staffing, less comfortable interiors and fewer holistic facilities such as gyms or private grounds.

However, their safety, effectiveness, caring, responsiveness, and leadership standards may on a par with other higher cost options.

Where you can access treatment

Below is a list of treatment centres with vital information about whether they offer detox or have other limitations on admissions.

There is also a rough figure to give an idea of their treatment programme costs.

CATCH Recovery (outpatient)

  1. Location: UK-wide Online, London and Nottingham
  2. Outpatient and online: Yes
  3. Assessments: Yes
  4. Detox: With partner clinic (2 weeks)
  5. For the patient to contact: 01721 788 102


  1. Location: Wales
  2. Inpatient: Yes
  3. Detox: Yes
  4. Contact: 01492 863000

Mount Carmel

  1. Location: London
  2. Inpatient: Yes
  3. Detox: No
  4. For the patient to contact: 0208 769 7674


  1. Location: Bolton – North West
  2. Treatment: Quasi- Residential (accommodation is in a separate place to the treatment programme) for 28 days
  3. Detox: No
  4. Aftercare includes all costs; there is no additional fee for this.
  5. For the patient to contact: 01204 771 940

Sefton Park

  1. Location: Weston-Super Mare
  2. Price: Low
  3. For the patient to contact: 01934 626 371

Littledale Addiction Services

  1. Location: Lancaster, Lancashire
  2. Detox: No
  3. Cost: Low
  4. For the patient to contact: 01524 771 500


  1. Location: Dorset
  2. Detox: Yes
  3. Price: Low
  4. For the patient to contact: 01202 467661

Free Alcohol and Drug Organisations

Helplines/free support 

Alcoholics Anonymous 0800 9177 650 

Narcotics Anonymous 0300 999 1212 

Cocaine Anonymous 0800 612 0225 

Over Eaters Anonymous 07798 587802 

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous 07984 977 884 

BEAT (Eating Disorders) 

Samaritans 116 123 

Free Gambling support: Gordon Moody/ 241292  


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