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Rebuilding your life

Living with addiction

A person addicted to alcohol or drugs often lives in a culture of addiction, living chaotically and surrounded by negative influences and temptations.  Some live in isolation, cut off from those they love; others begin drinking to help them cope with pressures at work, or within the family; others drink to suppress negative emotions or traumatic experiences.

Whether it be alcohol or drugs, addiction is a disease and the addicted person is unable to control their level of consumption, no matter how much they believe they might be able to. The only real way an addict can control their consumption is to quit altogether.

‘Recovery’ is a process of abstinence, self-awareness, mental and physical health and social wellbeing. Abstinence, also known as ‘sobriety’, means completely giving up alcohol and drugs. We believe that abstinence is the only way an addicted person can truly get their life back.

The first step to recovery

Admitting you have an illness and embarking on an alcohol or drug treatment programme, or attending Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, is the first step on the road to recovery. Counselling provides the tools to recovery and shows the individual how to use these tools in their everyday life to maintain abstinence and avoid relapse.

Experience shows that abstinence really works

The recovery of millions of people around the world proves that abstinence has impressive results, leading to a happy and healthy life in recovery.

The 12 Step philosophy, an abstinence-based model used by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, has played a key role in the success stories of people all over the world who have beaten addiction.

There are no easy solutions or quick fixes. Abstinence is challenging and takes dedication, but it works.

A full-body recovery

Years of alcohol and drug abuse can leave the vital organs such as the brain and the liver in a fragile or diseased state. Yet our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal over time, and abstinence provides the ideal conditions for this.

Abstinence-based addiction treatment

An abstinence-based programme such as Castle Craig’s, helps patents to steer their lives in a different direction, to avoid temptation, and to ensure a fulfilling life without alcohol or drugs. Our combination of individual therapy, group therapy,  CBT and other specialised therapies, exercise & fitness, healthy diet and our tranquil, private surroundings all assist in this process.


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