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Why am I an addict?

why am I an addict?

How does someone become an addict?

Those who are not addicted or educated about addiction believe that drug addicts or alcoholics enjoy using and don’t want to stop, or even lack the willpower to stop.

However, it is so much more complicated than that.

Most addicts do want to stop, but they cannot without professional medical help.

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain and causes an individual to lose control of their actions.

The Executive Rehab Guide seeks to provide comprehensive information and advice about addiction, treatment options, rehab and recovery.

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Why do people become addicted?

An individual can become addicted to drugs or alcohol for a number of reasons.

Whether or not a person becomes addicted often relates to the idea of balance.

If someone finds alcohol too rewarding or relies on it too much as a coping mechanism, and overusing it is not punishing or serious enough, then they will have no reason to stop, and every reason to continue using.

Addiction is sometimes categorised as not only the motivation to consume alcohol or use drugs, but whether they experience serious enough adverse effects.

You can inherit addiction from genetics or family

If your parent or relative is an alcoholic or struggling with drug addiction, then your own risk of addiction will increase.

  • This is partially due to genetics and the environment you have grown up in, or are currently in.
  • Spending time with people who abuse alcohol or drugs can heavily influence you to do the same.

Experiencing a parent struggling with addiction can have long-term mental health effects, which can cause some to use drugs or alcohol as an escape or coping mechanism if they are experiencing neglect, trauma or abuse. Read more here.

More about helping a friend or family member.

Those who begin using or drinking at a young age are more likely to develop an alcohol or drug-related illness as they get older.

Social pressure can sometimes cause addiction

Social influence

Many individuals struggle to relate to their peers, so in order to curb the stress of socialising, a person may turn to alcohol or drugs to lessen the impacts of social anxiety.

The centrality of bars, restaurants and alcohol in socialising increase the temptation and influence of alcohol – people drink to become more confident and less anxious or self-conscious.

A young adult might experiment with tolerance levels, illegal drugs or alcohol due to peer pressure and the desire to fit in, be considered cool or sociable.

Addiction can develop from a reliance on substances in social situations.

Read more about the stages of addiction.

Stressful environments

Not every person will turn to drugs or alcohol to relieve stress or deal with hard times, but some will.

An individual with a stressful personal, professional or social life is more likely to drink heavily or abuse substances. More.

Alcohol and drugs are seen to offer temporary release and ease symptoms of stress and anxiety.

But, when the effects wear off, these feelings of anxiety or stress can worsen, which is why some become reliant on substances to permanently escape from the return of these feelings.

Mental health problems

Mental health and addiction often go hand-in-hand – one will often cause the other. Learn more here.

stress causes addiction

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety for example, can increase the risk of alcoholism or drug abuse.

Substances can offer a temporary relief or easing of the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

However, addiction can exacerbate mental health problems, and many who seek rehab treatment are treated for addiction and mental health simultaneously.

Almost 10,000 a year die of alcoholism

Though the above factors are common contributors to addiction, how or why a person develops an addiction will depend on their individual personal, social, professional and financial situation.

Do not blame yourself or another for your addiction, because it is beyond their control. More here.

Addiction can often develop in 5 stages, so if you are worried about someone, then it is important to seek help for them as early and soon as possible.

Get help now

Addiction is a complicated illness that can develop in any way.

If you are concerned about your alcohol or drug use, it is important to seek the help and support you deserve.

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