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We aim to give you the tools necessary to understand the effects that alcohol and drugs are having on your body, how you can find the get access to treatment, rebuild your life, keep your job and maintain a successful career without drugs, alcohol or gambling.

We cover delicate workplace issues such as how to approach your boss about your problem, what your rights as an employee are and how to keep your treatment confidential.

Support for You – One Woman’s Story

Louise C, business owner

Louise C. runs a successful family business in Scotland that employs 90 people.

But she very nearly lost all of this, and her life, due to chronic alcoholism.

Louise thanks her family for supporting her through treatment. In residential rehab she realised that the disease of alcoholism “was going to kill me”.  After many weeks of therapy she was able to face up to her alcohol problems and denial, overcome her fears and learn to be “happy in my skin and happy to be myself.”