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For people with drug and alcohol problems

The Alarming Effects of Mental Health on Addiction

how does mental health affect addiction

How does mental health affect addiction? More often than not, addiction comes hand in hand with mental illness. Either you have turned to substance abuse as a coping mechanism for pre-existing mental conditions, or, mental illness arises as a result of addiction. A co-occurring disorder means that an individual is suffering from addiction and mental … Read more

Why holistic therapy is so effective

Maintaining healthy habits to ensure a sober life

Why holistic therapy has helped so many addicts recover If you are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, then the best way to start your recovery process is to attend rehab. As well as getting clean, rehab will include a 28-day treatment programme tailored to your needs. Therapeutic sessions will allow you to open up … Read more

Loving an alcoholic: How to help them and yourself

Loving an alcoholic: how to help them and yourself

Loving an alcoholic: How to help them and yourself Are you worried about a loved one’s alcohol abuse? It may be very difficult to hear, but they may be suffering from alcoholism. Addiction is an illness – it isn’t their fault, and it isn’t yours. It can be just as hard living with an alcoholic – … Read more

Is your addiction a secret? The telltale signs

Telltale signs of hidden alcoholism

Is your addiction a secret? The telltale signs Do you find yourself hiding your alcohol consumption from others? Have you ever lied about how much alcohol you have been drinking? If so, then you may be secretly drinking, and this could be a very dangerous contributor to alcohol dependency. Only 20% of alcoholics seek professional … Read more

How can you help an addict?

Committing to a rehabilitation programme is a difficult step for anyone. If you have acknowledged you have a problem - or your relationship with alcohol/drugs is impacting your life in negative ways, you have made the first step towards getting better.

Helping a friend or family member with an alcohol or drug problem As a free independent guide, Executive Rehab Guide provides people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress, who have turned to substances to cope with essential advice and support. In England, there are an estimated 586,780 dependent drinkers (2017/18), of whom 82% are not … Read more

Famous rehabilitation centres

Castle Craig Hospital is located in the stunning countryside of the Scottish Borders, just 40 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh

High-profile private rehab facilities As a professional guide, the Executive Rehab Guide connects people who are suffering and need help to the right resorts and treatments. Fighting addiction is overwhelming, exhausting and backbreaking for anyone. We provide essential support for the family and for the sufferer no matter their circumstances. Call 0808 274 6351 to … Read more

Do I need to go to rehab?

For patients or families who struggle to afford residential rehabilitation, we are able to discuss alternative and more affordable treatment options and to give advice on funding options such as cross-border healthcare and funding via statutory services (NHS and social services).

Do you really need to go to rehab? The aim of the Executive Rehab Guide is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to tackle alcohol and drug problems proactively and at the earliest possible stage to avoid further damage to your career and relationships. 47% of patients treated in residential rehabilitation services … Read more

Luxury rehab centres in the UK

The Executive Rehab Guide is a family-run therapy rehab dedicated to providing essential support for people who need help in rebuilding their lives.

Treat your addiction privately The Executive Rehab Guide has helped more than 10,000 people across the UK. Our rehab wellness centres are well-known for using advanced therapeutic techniques to help people affected by depression, anxiety, grief or stress. “Our expert doctors, nurses and therapists like Jilian Johnstone are very experienced practitioners, who can provide essential … Read more

The differences between NHS rehab and private rehab

Travlling for rehab

NHS vs Private Rehab The Executive Rehab Guide has treated over 10,000 people struggling with depression, anxiety and stress. Our dedicated and compassionate team of doctors, nurses and therapists provide round-the-clock care to help our visitors every step of the way. We lead with affection and discussions. Our experiential therapies are designed to equip the … Read more