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What Is An Enabler?

What is An Enabler? Definition, Behaviour & Psychology You think it would be simple to spot and identify as an enabler, but those who take on this role are often in denial of their own behaviour too. Enablers will allow their loved ones to continue with their self-destructive patterns and shocking behaviours. But whilst this … Read more

Self-Esteem & Addiction

The Connection Between Low Self-Esteem and Addiction One of the most common character traits that are associated with addiction personalities and persons is low self-esteem. This is easy to understand as those who do not value themselves highly are more willing to engage in risky and destructive behaviours. And it’s for this reason that it … Read more

Exactly how NOT to help an alcoholic

Exactly how not to help an alcoholic

The Most Important Things NOT To Do This blog is written from personal experience of living with an alcoholic. This is just my story of a period of about 18 months. I know first hand the pain and unhappiness of having someone who is very ill in the family and is acting out with alcohol. … Read more