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For people with drug & alcohol problems

Addiction treatment and support during the pandemic

What addiction support is available during the pandemic? The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lives this year, and we’ve all had to adapt to a completely unfamiliar and new normal. For people struggling with alcohol or drug-related problems, or considering rehab treatment, it has been particularly challenging. While many have attempted to recover and … Read more

Why holistic therapy is so effective

Maintaining healthy habits to ensure a sober life

Why holistic therapy has helped so many addicts recover If you are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, then the best way to start your recovery process is to attend rehab. As well as getting clean, rehab will include a 28-day treatment programme tailored to your needs. Therapeutic sessions will allow you to open up … Read more

How can you help an addict?

Committing to a rehabilitation programme is a difficult step for anyone. If you have acknowledged you have a problem - or your relationship with alcohol/drugs is impacting your life in negative ways, you have made the first step towards getting better.

Helping a friend or family member with an alcohol or drug problem As a free independent guide, Executive Rehab Guide provides people suffering from depression, anxiety and stress, who have turned to substances to cope with essential advice and support. In England, there are an estimated 586,780 dependent drinkers (2017/18), of whom 82% are not … Read more