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Famous rehabilitation centres

High-profile private rehab facilities

As a professional guide, the Executive Rehab Guide connects people suffering and needing help to suitable resorts and treatments.

Fighting addiction is overwhelming, exhausting and backbreaking for anyone.

We provide essential support for the family and for the sufferer no matter their circumstances.

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Acknowledging the problem

Although coming to terms with the severity of your dependency issue can be frightening, acknowledging you have a problem is the biggest step you can take towards regaining control over your life and moving towards a version of yourself that doesn’t depend on substances to get them through the month, week, or day.

It can be difficult, for someone with a public image, or a high profile role, where they are expected to behave and perform to extremely high standards.

Many people may be afraid to admit the severity of their addiction because of the fears that it could tarnish their image.

Instead, they will continue to tell themselves that everything is under control as if denying the issue to them will mean other people do not see the problem.

However, it is much more beneficial to target your dependency issue before reaching “rock bottom.”

Fortunately, there are many excellent high-profile, high-security rehab centres that can help keep your privacy and autonomy during this challenging time.

Why should I go to rehab?

We will be able to help you get immediately admitted into a selection of highly-esteemed rehabs with strong reputations of success.

Although there are many different options available to treat addiction, the benefits of residential rehab treatment include:

  • You are removed from triggering situations in your life that usually cause you to drink e.g. relationships and work stresses.
  • Consistent access to therapy allows you to identify and give a name to the feelings you are experiencing, taking you out of the dark and helping you formulate a solution to get better.
  • Spending time at a rehabilitation centre will equip you with a supportive community and give you the time and space you need to completely focus on.

Celebrity rehabilitation centres in the US

There are many famous rehab centres that have gained their reputation through the famous celebrities that have spent time there.

Often these centres are (understandably) more expensive since they provide the highest quality of care; from comfort and amenities to medical expertise.

Some of the most popular celebrity rehab centres

  • Promises – Southern California and Texas
    • Specialised treatments include substance abuse.
    • Rates: $33,000 per month.
    • Notable celebrities who have attended: Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Matthew Perry.
  • The Meadows Clinic – Arizona
    • Specialised Treatments: Substance abuse, gambling and sex addictions, stress and obsessive-compulsive disorders.
    • Rates: $1,000 per day.
    • Notable celebrities who have attended: Kate Moss, Eric Benet, Mike Tyson, Robbie Williams.
  • Cirque Lodge – Sundance, UTAH
    • Specialised Treatment: Substance abuse, eating and mood disorders.
    • Notable celebrities who have attended: Mary Kate Olsen
  • Castle Craig – Edinburgh
    • Addiction specialists, established in 1988
      Rates £750 per day
    • Well known as one of the best treatment centres in Europe
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UK based rehabilitation centres

Situated in southwest London, near Richmond Park, Priory Hospital Roehampton is one of the country’s leading mental health treatment centres.

They provide rapid access to high-quality treatment for addiction and mental health issues including anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

When patients arrive at Priory Roehampton they are given a full psychiatric evaluation in order to obtain a diagnosis.

They can then discuss a treatment plan with qualified professionals that will meet their needs, based on their own history, personal goals and requirements.

Placing a high focus on the importance of the environment for clients’ recovery, Roehampton is known for its beautiful, landscaped gardens and luxurious interiors with peaceful and welcoming living areas.

The facility encourages clients to get out and about during their stay, in order to facilitate their recovery.

Castle Craig executive treatment

The Castle Craig Executive Programme provides an intensive rehab treatment plan with additional wellness activities and benefits for clients.

The executive programme prioritises confidentiality and anonymity and guarantees complete discretion throughout the assessment and treatment process.

This rehabilitation option provides a high-quality service to all patients but is particularly suitable for senior executives, company directors and those encountering high-level demands.

The main aspects of the Executive Rehab Programme include:

  • Frequent and intensive 1:1 therapy five times a week
  • Relaxation and wellness through spa and massage
  • Personal 1:1 fitness training sessions
  • Dedicated attention from our Hospitality Manager
  • An extremely comfortable Executive bedroom with a double bed and extra amenities
  • A daily laundry and housekeeping service
  • A therapeutic discretionary allowance for use of laptop and phone
  • A daily schedule itemising all your activities for each day

To find out more about executive rehab treatments at Castle Craig click here.

What next?

If you would like to talk to one of our advisors at Castle Craig about the executive treatment programme or alternative therapy options, then get in contact on 0808 231 12191.

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