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How to find the best alcohol rehab or alcohol addiction treatments

How to find the best rehab facilities: What to look out for

The Executive Rehab Guide’s mission is to provide compassionate care to those affected by depression, anxiety, stress, grief or burnout.

We understand better than anyone that someone going through a deep depression needs vital help, resources and support to get better.

“Our experiential treatments are proven to work – 72% of visitors who stayed with us short-term reported no break in their recovery. This is because we are here for you 24/7 and provide our visitors with coping techniques and methods to help them deal and reintegrate successfully into everyday life.”

Our therapeutic wellness rehab centres provide long-lasting support to help our visitors achieve a healthy and stable recovery. Get the help you need today by calling 0808 274 5168. 

Treatment works

Committing to a rehabilitation programme is a difficult step for anyone. However, if you have acknowledged you have a problem – or your relationship with alcohol/drugs is impacting your life negatively, you have made the first step towards getting better.

Although there are many treatment centres across the UK, not every facility is prioritising patient care over profit. This is why you must be confident about your choice of facility.

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What to avoid?

  • Lack of a structured treatment approach: Before deciding on a rehab centre, ask a representative for a full outline of their treatment. If they cannot provide this, you should see this as a red flag and seek an alternative option.
  • Lack of aftercare and family involvement: Addiction is not simply “overcome” in a few weeks at rehab. It involves continual, reoccurring decisions and work. It is essential to find a rehab centre that facilitates this aftercare and provides family involvement so people are not left feeling alone in their recovery post-rehab.
  • Excessive degree of individual restriction/dehumanisation: The way mental illness has traditionally been viewed and treated is founded on highly problematic, dehumanising values and treatment methods. Make sure the facility you chose treats every individual case as an individual case and sees the complete person in need of treatment, rather than imposing values and restrictions on that individual.

What to look for?

  • Holistic treatments: No two cases of addiction are the same, which is why a rehab centre must incorporate a varied approach to treating addiction; using traditional therapy, group therapy, and where appropriate, additional complementary therapies such as writing, art, and exercise.
  • Wide variety of therapists: Some facilities will mainly offer group therapy rather than individual therapy since this keeps costs low, however, everyone’s experience of addiction is unique and often, both individual and group therapy is needed to fully target underlying causes.
  • Licensed practitioners: Consider whether there a range of accredited therapists, nurses, fitness instructors, chefs etc available if treatment is fully wholistic it will incorporate exercise and nutrition too!)
  • Focus on underlying issues: Addiction is often a coping mechanism that is initiated by feelings of lack in other areas of our lives. A treatment programme must provide clients with the tools and space needed to explore these issues, rather than simply serving as a location where they are prevented from accessing drugs/alcohol.
  • Environment: When going through rehab, it is vital to be in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Plenty of facilities in the open countryside allow you access to walks in nature or a spacious garden.

Moving forward

We know all too well the effects that depression and anxiety can have on the family as well as the individual. So our wellness rehab centres offer not only our visitors support but members of the family too.

The Executive Rehab Guide ensure that everything is kept confidential and private. We have lodges onsite where families can stay, visit and even participate in family therapies.

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