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How to get help for crystal meth addiction

Crystal Meth Addiction: It Has to Stop

In 2020, almost 3000 lives were lost due to drug misuse in the UK. Every one of those deaths was avoidable. Every one of those people deserved help.

Recovering from methamphetamine addiction isn’t easy, but it’s better than the alternative.

Crystal meth is commonly cut with unknown substances that make it hard to know the strength of what you’re taking, increasing your risk of overdose and death.

Chronic use over time can take a toll on your mood, behaviour and physical appearance and is linked to brain damage and psychosis. It’s also uniquely addictive due to its compelling and prolonged nature.

Crystal meth use increases your risk of:

  • Skin and dental problems
  • High blood pressure and heart attack
  • Brain damage, psychosis
  • Stroke, organ damage
  • Coma, death

Residential rehabs like Castle Craig understand what you and your loved ones are dealing with. With over 30 years of experience, they know there’s a story and a life worth saving behind every addiction.

Need help? Talk to us on live chat! We look for the root cause behind your turning to crystal meth and help connect you to rehabs like Castle Craig, which can create a personalised treatment plan grounded in the clinically proven 12 Step model of addiction recovery.

The Recovery Process

The first two weeks of recovery, known as detox, are the toughest.

Meth withdrawal symptoms can be severe and should not be dealt with independently.

Again, drug rehabs like Castle Craig have round-the-clock teams of accredited psychiatrists, therapists, doctors and nurses who are on hand to help you through the detox process and every step of recovery after that.

As your body heals, rehabs offer a rich daily programme of group meetings, therapies, talks, fitness sessions and more, while individual meetings help monitor and tailor your recovery progress.

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Immersed in 50 acres of tranquil private parklands, Castle Craig offers an escape from the temptations and triggers that make meth addiction difficult to curb in your daily life. As a result, Castle Craig has one of the best recovery rates in the UK, with over 70% of patients reporting having succeeded in staying clean. Your success is their success.

Between days 45 and 120 of meth recovery, individuals are particularly prone to relapse.

Rehabs here give you the tools to recognise the warning signs and fight temptation beyond the end of your stay.

There is hope

Recovering from a crystal meth addiction is possible with treatment and support, and the sooner you seek help, the better your chances.

Private healthcare providers have no waiting lists and can welcome patients within as few as 24 hours.

Take the first step today, and discover the person you can be without crystal meth.

Contact us.

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