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Luxury rehab centres in the UK

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Rehab wellness centres are usually well-known for luxurious facilities, large country estates and harnessing the most advanced therapeutic techniques to help people affected by addiction, depression, anxiety, grief or stress. There are a variety of high-end rehabs in the UK.

At Executive Rehab Guide we understand the reason why people turn to substances to cope and deal with everyday pressures. Sometimes work pressures, an unhealthy lifestyle, family issues can get too much, and we begin to self-medicate using alcohol, drugs or prescription medications.

Addiction is a disease that has many faces and knows no boundaries. All over the world, bright, talented, ambitious people are caught in a spiral of addiction that they can’t leave behind on their own.

Our expert doctors, nurses and therapists are experienced practitioners, who can provide essential support for the family as well as the individual. Many of our clients benefited from our detox and rehab treatments and significantly improved their life.

Let us be the hand that brings you back.

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We understand the problem

If you are researching potential rehab centres, likely, you have already taken the most significant step towards improving your life; acknowledging you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Often, people wait until they finally “hit rock bottom” before accepting that they will benefit from rehab.

Although it can be a difficult and daunting decision to make, if you feel that your alcohol or drug use is affecting your life in negative ways, attending a qualified rehab centre can be the most efficient way to reclaim your life and find some sense of peace and freedom.

SeeConvincing a loved one that rehab is the best option

Care in beautiful surroundings

Once you have taken the step of acceptance, the next task is to find the best possible rehab centre for you. Below we have compiled a list of esteemed rehab centres across the UK to help you get an idea of what is out there.

Some general things you should look for are:

  • Safe detox: Is the clinic staffed by a nursing team, an onsite doctor, consultant psychiatrists?
  • Qualified practitioners: Does the facility have trained and experienced therapists, nurses, fitness instructors?
  • Location: Is the building a place you will feel comfortable in? Is there a lot of green space and garden access?
  • Duration: How long are the programmes? The amount of time you will spend there will be dependent on your personal needs so make sure the facility is flexible regarding this.
  • Treatment for co-occurring issues: Often those who are affected by addiction see their behaviours manifest concerning more than one substance. The facility you choose should acknowledge this and offer treatment options accordingly.
  • Approaches to treatment: Every rehab facility has a slightly different approach to addiction treatment. Some focus on a “spiritual” method, centring mind and body connection, while others use traditional therapy and medication-assisted treatment. Arguably, the most effective treatment does not exclude one method or the other but provides a holistic approach. The most important thing is that the facility acknowledges the individual needs of each client, and adjusts the treatment accordingly.
  • Aftercare: What support will the facility provide once you leave? Addiction is an illness that will not be “cured” after a few weeks of rehab. The aim is to give you space and support needed to detox, address underlying issues and find a framework that can help you live differently. For these reasons, aftercare is an essential part of recovery. Make sure to choose a facility that is committed to guiding you and supporting you, post-residency.
  • Testimonials/stories about previous clients’ experiences: If a website shares stories of previous cases, or even better, you know someone who attends the facility, this offers some credit to their reliability.

Recommended luxury rehabs:

Castle Craig

Castle Craig is nestled into 200 acres of beautiful countryside

  • Located in the beautiful countryside in a luxurious 18th century manor house and estate
  • Specialises in substance abuse, executive treatment, group therapy, personalised treatment
  • Length of stay is flexible: 4-12 weeks

Founded in 1988, Castle Craig Hospital is a private residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic located in the beautiful countryside of Peeblesshire, Scotland. Castle Craig, is a premier alcohol, drug addiction and mental health hospital, with a team of addiction specialists with many years of experience successfully treating alcoholism and drug addiction. In addition, it also provides treatment for other mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Castle Craig understands that each patient’s experience and addiction is unique and your focal therapist will tailor the treatment programme to fit each individual’s needs.

Clients admitted will go through a 4-6 week programme that has been personalised to their specific needs by a team of experts and a multi-method treatment style involving a combination of specialised therapies including CBT, Psychoeducation, EMDR, Group, Individual & Complementary Therapies.

They have an onsite expert team of addiction therapists equipped to deliver clinically proven treatment programmes to help clients recover for good.

Learn more about their treatments here.

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  • Location: Mayfair, London, England (city centre)
  • Occupancy: 1 client at a time
  • Specialisation: Alcohol, benzodiazepines, executive treatment, prescription drugs
  • Length of stay: Flexible, typically 6+ weeks

Although located near the busy Hyde Park in central London, Addcounsel offers a private residency for those who would prefer to carry out their treatment in full isolation. There can be negatives to this, since research has shown that group therapy in treating addiction can be highly beneficial, and often peer-support allows residents to work through their issues by finding similarities and connections with others, allowing for the realisation that they are not alone.

Addcounsel provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, behaviour addiction and general mental health issues. There is no issue which is “too small,” if your wellbeing and that of those around you is being impacted – rehab can help you make the changes to improve your life. Furthermore, Addcounsel offers treatment in multiple languages including; English, Arabic, French, Russian and Mandarin so can provide treatment to a variety of people aged 16 and up.


  • Location: London, England (city centre)
  • Occupancy: 16-30
  • Specialisation: Alcohol, benzodiazepines, executive treatment, prescription drugs
  • Length of stay: 1+ month

Start2Stop, based in central London, is a leading private-sector provider of addiction treatment. Operating since 2010, they provide outpatient treatment for people with binge-pattern addiction problems. In 2012 they introduced residential secondary and tertiary treatment and continue to succeed in helping clients’ regain their life back.

Start2Stop treats; alcohol and drug addiction, bulimia, anorexia and other food-related issues, sex addiction, codependency, gambling problems and shopping addiction.

Schoen Clinic

  • Location: Chelsea, London, England (city centre)
  • Clients: Men, women + young adults
  • Specialisation: Anxiety, depression, eating disorders
  • Length of stay: 6 weeks

Schoen Clinic Centre for Mental Health Chelsea, is a specialised day facility treating adults, adolescents and children with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. They adopt a unique step-based care model and provide a comprehensive range of pathways to support patients across all stages of recovery.

They begin with an individual outpatient assessment, then treatment ranges from outpatient consultation and therapy to structured full and half-day programmes.

The Bridge Retreat

  • Location: Somerset, England (countryside)
  • Illnesses treated: substance abuse, depression
  • Specialisation: Group therapy, personalised treatment, spiritual approach
  • Length of stay: 6 days

The Bridge Retreat is a short treatment programme that offers transformation by addressing and targeting deep issues and healing. The programme works best for those who recognise they have unprocessed emotions which are now implicating their living standards.

Although the programme aims to treat anyone who is implicated by these issues, since it is a short stay, it works best for those who have done some kind of therapeutic work before.

What next for those looking for a luxury rehab?

There are many rehabilitation centres to choose from in the UK, and it can often be overwhelming to know where to begin.

If you are interested in learning more about what treatment could suit you, Castle Craig provide a 24-hour helpline on 0808 231 1219.

Castle Craig also provide an executive room option.

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