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The differences between NHS rehab and private rehab

NHS vs Private Rehab

The Executive Rehab Guide is managed and run by Castle Craig Hosptial in Scotland, which has treated over 10,000 people struggling with depression, anxiety and stress alongside addiction.

Their dedicated and compassionate team of doctors, nurses and therapists provide round-the-clock care to help those struggling with addiction.

Therefore, you can trust that we lead with affection and discussions.

The help you need

Experiential therapies equip the sufferer with coping techniques to help them once again believe in themselves and get better.

With us, we offer 100% confidentiality and a safe, private space in the countryside to help you leave your problems behind.

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There is help out there and you will get through this

Although there are options to receive rehabilitation services on the NHS, for professionals and those with high-demand careers or family lives, private residential rehab is often the preferred choice.

Choosing to go private means you will have more choice over the treatment you receive.

You can seek out high-quality care, and receive treatment faster than if you were to look for help through the NHS.

Admission to private residential rehabilitation centres can often be organised within 24 hours (on weekdays).

If you are reading this, you have likely accepted that you need help addressing a dependency issue or are looking to help a friend or family member.

Since many facilities are offering a variety of treatments for addiction, it can often be confusing knowing where to start.

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Do the NHS provide rehab services?

Not everyone has the privilege to afford private rehab treatment.

Although there are some options available on the NHS, due to a lack of government funding (and likely a lack of comprehensive understanding regarding treatment methods) unfortunately, these options are limited.

If you visit your GP you can ask to be referred for free counselling sessions.

This can be helpful if it is your only option, however, the waiting list is often extremely long and the counsellor you are paired with may not specialise in the area most relevant to you.

Another option is to join a local drug/alcohol discussion group, which can help by providing support and offering you space to openly discuss what you are going through.

Again, the issues are that there may be a long waiting list (dependent on where you live) and that this method is, of course, more effective when combined with, for example, a live-in residency treatment.

Lastly, if you suffer from a severe case of addiction, you may be able to receive funding from the NHS to attend a private treatment centre.

If you do have the ability to pay for private treatment – you will be serving yourself much better in the long run, since you can return to your “normal” life, much faster.

See potential costs and funding options for Castle Craig Hospital here.

Why go private?

The Castle Craig Executive Programme offers an intensive rehab treatment plan with added wellness activities for clients.Committing to a reliable treatment programme is one of the best investments you can make for your health.

Some of the advantages of choosing to go private are:

  • Fast admission
  • A flexible, adjustable treatment plan
  • Confidentiality and a team of support you can trust
  • Multiple treatment methods taking place on one site
  • Access to continual support from a range of professional therapists, time to build trust
  • Often provide complementary therapies such as equine therapy, art therapy, gym and fitness
  • Visiting/phone call times from family
  • Aftercare programmes to support your recovery beyond your stay

Arguably, the only downside of choosing private over NHS is the cost, and the main sacrifice you are making by choosing inpatient over outpatient is giving up more time to focus on bettering yourself.

The quality, experience and expertise of the rehab treatment programme you choose will influence your recovery experience.

Many private, costly treatment centres look the part but do not offer high-quality, long-term care.

Some indicators you can use to check the quality of a rehab clinic that you are considering are:

  • Inspection reports
  • ISO accreditation
  • Verified outcomes (success rates of previous clients)

Once you have verified that a clinic is a reliable option, you can contact an advisor to discuss their treatment methods, gain a better understanding of their views regarding addiction, and make any further enquiries you need to.

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If you are struggling with addiction and do not know where to begin, some steps can include:

  1. Identify and accept you have a problem and acknowledge that you need help from professionals who have experience treating those in similar situations
  2. If you would like to consider NHS options, visit your GP and have a discussion with them regarding these options
  3. If you would like to go private, research potential facilities to see what seems best for you
  4. Contact your chosen facilities, ask about payment plans and funding if necessary

If you would like to talk to one of Castle Craig’s advisors, and learn more about what treatment could suit you, call the 24-hour helpline on 0808 231 1219 or internationally on 44172178801.

Castle Craig also provides an executive treatment option, an intensive rehab plan with added wellness activities for clients.

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