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For people with drug & alcohol problems

Arrange your Free Addiction Assessment

Free assessment with Castle Craig

Castle Craig offers professional telephone-based assessments, undertaken by a trained and experienced case manager, for free for people wanting to access our hospital addiction treatments.

You will gain answers to:

  1. How bad is your addiction and do you need residential treatment
  2. Help to identify possible reasons for your addiction
  3. Information on what options are available to you, how long rehab takes and the costs involved
  4. Information and connections to other treatment centres in the UK should we not be suitable
  5. Help and advice on what you can do right now to help

Castle Craig has locations in London, Edinburgh and Ireland. 

Your conversation will be entirely confidential

In these 30 minute assessments, you will be asked about your:

  • Background, family and work
  • Alcohol, substance abuse or behavioural addiction history
  • Amounts and frequency of alcohol or drugs abuse
  • Details of any previous treatment you may have had
  • General health questions and financial guidance

(NB: there is absolutely no obligation, nor is there an official diagnosis.)

Answering these questions honestly will help our practitioners to determine your treatment needs.

Our team will not leave a message, nor will they introduce themselves or where they are calling from to anyone other than yourself. 

Please use the form below. Alternatively, call Castle Craig direct to set up your assessment, freephone (the UK only): 0808 1150 446. (International: +44 1721 788 006)

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Consultant Psychiatrist assessment

A personal addiction psychiatrist assessment can be arranged with our Consultant Psychiatrist at Castle Craig, as part of our residential treatment programme, or alternatively by video. This is a chargeable service.

Castle Craig Hospital, the publisher of the Executive Rehab Guide, is happy to offer telephone assessments in any of our UK and Europe-wide locations: Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, London or Sweden.

Undertaking an assessment with Castle Craig does not oblige you to treatment. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and will be sent and stored securely.

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