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Meth Addiction

Meth Addiction & Abuse: Signs, Help & Therapy

Are you scared? Do you know or are you someone taking crystal meth regularly?

Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we invite you to ask the question “why am I using crystal meth?” What is it in your life you are trying to run and escape from?

For some, imagery of past events might come to the mind like flashbacks, however, for others, they might feel lost but unsure really as to why.

Residential rehab uses tools like therapy to not only identify your core reasons for addiction, but also your triggers and how you can best manage them to lead a life without taking drugs.

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Meth addiction overview

How to spot an addiction to meth?

  • Using alone without other people knowing
  • Hiding your usage
  • Memory loss
  • Lying about the amount you take
  • Using it to shut out negative thoughts
  • Trying to forget memories or traumas
  • Trying to numb any pain – physical or psychological
  • Using it to turn down thoughts of guilt and shame
  • Others being concerned about your behaviour
  • Turning into a different person

Getting help

Rehab will be your best option for overcoming chronic relapse conditions and addiction.

A detox will be used to address the physical side of addiction, whilst therapy will be used to address your psychological addition.

Rehab, in this case, will play a big role in identifying the underlying causes of your illness and teach you essential coping mechanisms to deal with triggers in the future to prevent the risk of relapse.

Treatment: Meth rehab

  • Treatment duration ranging from 28-90 days
  • Detoxing lasting a minimum of 1 week
  • Mental health assessments
  • Outpatient opportunities
  • Inpatient “life-changing” programmes

Therapy for methamphetamine addiction

  • CBT
  • Behavioural therapy
  • 1-1 counselling
  • 12 step support
Over 10,000 patients have passed through our rehab centre, and the majority have gone on to achieve, long-term abstinent recovery from their addictions – Castle Craig.

Detox and therapy benefits

  1. Be in a secure and safe environment
  2. Medically managed detoxes with round the clock, 24/7 care
  3. Opens you up to a life-changing diagnosis that ensures you receive the correct help
  4. Experienced team of doctors, nurses and therapists (note, not all facilities will have onsite medical staff – ask us to see who does)
  5. Personalised rehabilitation and aftercare programmes (some facilities)
  6. Work on strategies to prevent relapse

Some rehab choices in the UK

Know the true danger

The effects of crystal meth usually last a few hours, following this, users experience an intense and emotional withdrawal, referred to as a “comedown”.

It’s this intense, negative comedown that pushes people into taking more, to escape the low feelings and again chase the false happiness the drug provides momentarily.

Do you want to be happy? Let’s do it the right way.

The difficult road ahead

Get in touch with us here, we can help advise on the best place for your recovery and funding as well as just being a friendly face whenever you need one.

Schedule a free drug addiction assessment here, or call to find out more about rehabs across the UK, how to fund residential treatment and how to access it!

"I knew in my heart that this would be a place of hope, for people and families whose lives are ravaged by addiction who are hopeless and helpless, even though they don't realise it sometimes, and that this place would be a sanctuary for them to find the help and healing that they needed."



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