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Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction & Abuse: Signs, Help & Therapy

If there’s one thing we know, it’s not the frequency or amount of ketamine you take that classify an addiction, it’s the reason why you take ketamine and how your behaviour and life is affected by it.

You don’t need us to tell you how dangerous drugs can be, so what is it that makes you depend on ketamine?

Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we are partnered with some of the best rehabs in the UK, whose specialist addiction therapists work to treat the core reasons why you turn to ketamine in the first place.

Live a life free from drugs.

Ketamine addiction overview

How to spot an addiction?

  • Using alone without other people knowing
  • Hiding your usage
  • Memory loss
  • Lying about the amount you take
  • Using it to shut out negative thoughts
  • Trying to forget memories or traumas
  • Trying to numb any pain – physical or psychological
  • Using it to turn down thoughts of guilt and shame
  • Others being concerned about your behaviour
  • Turning into a different person

Getting help

Drugs can make you feel like everything is just fine, momentarily.

Hence, why you might continue to use them.

Today, you might feel like you have a problem and need help, tomorrow the drugs might be in control.

It’s not just your addiction in the driver’s seat, but what drives the addiction in the first place.

Without treating your mental health and learning how to manage and regulate your emotions, you may always fall victim to a cycle of abuse and addiction.

Do this for you, for who you once were.

Go through the below questions and if you answer yes to any of them, reach out.

It’s time to choose life again.

  1. Do you ever feel sad, hopeless, empty or worthless?
  2. Have you lost interest in your hobbies? Do you find yourself less interested in things you used to love?
  3. Do you lack energy and motivation? Have you lost your hope and faith?
  4. Is it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep? Is it hard to get up in the mornings?
  5. Do you struggle to regulate your emotions? Do you feel scared and judged by your family and so avoid them?

Over 10,000 patients have passed through our rehab centre’s doors since 1988, and the majority have gone on to achieve, long-term abstinent recovery from their addictions – Castle Craig.

Why do you turn to ketamine to cope?

Why do you feel at home around troubled people?

Treatment at a residential rehab provides an adequate amount of time to begin working on the answers to these questions.

The therapy side of the programme aims to remove the user’s feelings of guilt, shame, rejection and regret and instead replaces them with increased self-esteem and self-respect.

Treatment: Ketamine rehab

  • Treatment programmes that last from 28-90 days
  • 1-week detoxes
  • Identifies any co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Outpatient sessions
  • Inpatient “life-changing” programmes

Facing rejection and shame

As drug-dependent individuals, we crave drugs because they fill a hole, they allow us to escape. 

But for how long and to what cost?

How can we expect to be free from addiction when we have not dealt with the root cause of why we use it in the first place.

Addiction is truly not your fault, it’s how your brain has learned to function and there are many rehab facilities across the UK with world-class therapists who can help you reclaim your power and live a life free from relapses.

Some rehab choices in the UK

Types of therapy for ketamine addiction

Like addiction to any substance, the long-term treatment pathway involves physical detox and withdrawal, followed by a recovery that can include group therapy and psychological treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) undertaken in a residential rehab facility, like Castle Craig, for example.

The journey will require patience, effort, understanding and vulnerability. 

Therapy is going to aim at helping you build a better, stronger relationship with yourself so that you can cope with whatever life throws at you reasonably.

Detox and therapy benefits

  1. Be in a secure and safe environment
  2. Medically managed detoxes with round the clock, 24/7 care and support
  3. Opens you up to a life-changing diagnosis that ensures you receive the correct help
  4. Experienced team of doctors, nurses and therapists (note, not all facilities will have onsite medical staff – ask us to see who does)
  5. Personalised rehabilitation and aftercare programmes (some facilities)
  6. Work on strategies to prevent relapse

Specialist drug rehab clinic; Castle Craig. Visit website.

Know the true danger

There is a dangerous perception that Ketamine is a less dangerous drug than heroin or cocaine.

Taking it in small doses “keying” can produce drunk-like effects that make you feel very dizzy and unstable.

Those brave enough to take larger doses will experience more severe, worrying effects that users often describe as the “k-hole”.

Falling into a “k-hole” is the description of taking a high enough dose that causes your entire awareness and perception of your reality to warp, causing hallucinations, dissociation and psychosis.

More worrying than this, the physical effects make ketamine a dissociative drug, where you will be completely unable to speak or interact with those or the world around you, as well as not even having the ability to move; like you’re frozen.

We understand

The road to recovery is going to be tough, but you’re not expected to go through it alone. Get in touch with us here, we can help advise on the best place for your recovery and funding as well as just being a friendly face whenever you need one.

Schedule a free drug addiction assessment here, or call to find out more about rehabs across the UK, how to fund residential treatment and how to access it!

"I knew in my heart that this would be a place of hope, for people and families whose lives are ravaged by addiction who are hopeless and helpless, even though they don't realise it sometimes, and that this place would be a sanctuary for them to find the help and healing that they needed."



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