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Private Alcohol Addiction Treatment Dubai

Do you live in Dubai and are worried you can’t control your drinking or might have alcoholism?

At Castle Craig we offer confidential alcohol rehab to private patients from international backgrounds. Detox and therapy is undertaken in complete privacy on our 50 acre estate. All correspondence and therapy with Castle Craig is completely confidential.

Alcohol in Dubai

Nicola is an accredited psychotherapist working privately and for the NHS
“Life can be hard at times, reaching out for help is hard. Going into treatment saves lives.”
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Dubai has strict alcohol laws, only allowing drinking in designated areas. Getting caught drunk in public can lead to serious consequences – a fine and even a jail term. This makes an already sensitive issue even more complicated for people seeking help with a drinking problem.

And yet alcoholism is a growing problem in the United Arab Emirates with alcohol consumption heavily increasing over the past years. A report from the National Rehabilitation Centre states that 5.3% of deaths are alcohol or drug-related, with a considerable amount of hidden users.

Local Emiratis, as well as ex-pats living in Dubai, can experience alcohol problems. An ex-pat may get caught in a downward spiral of drinking and isolated from their support network back at home.

A citizen of the UAE may lack information on their drinking problem and not know where to turn for advice and help.

Alcoholism therapy for Dubai

The quickest and most effective way to overcome alcoholism and lead a sober life is getting treatment in a residential alcohol rehab clinic. Going abroad is currently the only solution for Dubai residents looking for residential rehab.

The United Arab Emirates seem to be putting an increasing amount of effort into tackling this problem, with the opening and expansion of the National Rehabilitation Centre in Abu Dhabi.

However, for those seeking 12-Step addiction treatment (see choosing a treatment method), the only option is to attend one of AA meetings available there. If you are a concerned friend or family member, you will find support at an Al-Anon meeting.

Alcohol rehab abroad

Castle Craig, the sponsor of the Executive Rehab Guide, is a leading private treatment clinic and admits patients from all over the world.

Located close to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, it is a beautiful retreat in the breathtaking Scottish countryside. The main house and estate dates back to 1871, while the rehab programme was founded in 1988. Castle Craig is within easy reach of international destinations as it is only half an hour from Edinburgh international airport which connects to Dubai via several daily flights from London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Castle Craig has 24/7 medical care by a team of specialist psychiatrists, doctors and nurses; supervised detox; and an intense schedule of individual counselling and group therapy sessions. Private or shared accommodation is available. 

Expatriates in Dubai may have their costs covered by their professional health insurance.

Contact us for detailed information on the cost of private treatment at Castle Craig.

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A real story of alcoholism to recovery

Simon ran a successful business but nearly lost everything due to alcoholism.

In residential rehab, he realised that the disease of alcoholism “was going to kill me”. After alcohol detox and many weeks of therapy, he was able to face up to himself, overcome his fears and learn to a new way of life.

Getting there

Most major airlines offer flights from Dubai to Edinburgh with a single stopover. You will be met at Edinburgh airport by a Castle Craig staff member and brought directly to the clinic.

Visits from family members are welcome if available due to Covid-19 restrictions. Castle Craig is open during the Covid-19 pandemic and international travel for healthcare is permitted into the UK. 

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