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Private Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Germany

Private Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Germany

Germany is famed for its Oktoberfest, beer laws and beer gardens.

With breweries a common feature in German towns and drinking in public or during the working day socially acceptable, it is estimated that one in five people living in Germany has a drinking problem.

Alcohol addiction among executives and professionals is also a growing problem in Germany. 

Those with higher socioeconomic status are found to drink more hazardously than those who are less educated, this may be due to pressures at work, executive burn out or socialising outside of work hours.

Problem drinking and alcohol addiction have a hugely negative impact on individuals, their families and on their workplace environment.

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Alcohol & drug problems in the workplace

The importance of rehab treatment

This video features insights from addictions professionals and a former rehab patient into the importance of professional treatment for employees with alcohol and drug problems.  

Employers often ignore alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace until it is too late.

Residential rehab treatment can transform an addicted employee from a liability to a productive and fulfilled worker. 

Alcohol Rehab Germany

Private alcohol residential rehab treatment can transform the life of someone with alcohol addiction, rebuild their family relationships through therapy and change them from an unproductive employee and a liability in the workplace into a positive and fulfilled employee

If you are an English speaker or an ex-pat living in Germany you might want to consider rehab treatment abroad to get the treatment option that is right for you.

If you are concerned about that you may have an alcohol addiction problem, or if you are the family member, friend or employer of someone with alcohol addiction in Germany, the Executive Rehab Guide can provide you with the tools you need to find the right private alcohol rehab treatment option.

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