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Private drugs Addiction Treatment, Luxembourg

Private drugs Addiction Treatment, Luxembourg

Private drugs Addiction Treatment

Drugs addiction among executives and professionals is a growing problem in Luxembourg. Drugs addiction has a hugely negative impact on individuals, their families and on their workplace environment.

Private drugs residential rehab treatment can transform the life of someone with drugs addiction, rebuild their family relationships and change them from an unproductive employee and a liability in the workplace into a positive and fulfilled employee.

If you are concerned about that you may have a drugs addiction problem, or if you are the family member, friend or employer of someone with drugs addiction in Luxembourg, the Executive Rehab Guide can provide you with the tools you need to find the right private drugs rehab treatment option.

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For information about Private drugs Addiction Treatment, Luxembourg call Castle Craig’s confidential, free 24 hour helpline: 0800 0322 880. From outside the UK, call +44 1721 722 763 or find out more about the Castle Craig rehab clinic.

Alcohol & drug problems in the workplace

The importance of rehab treatment

This video features insights from addictions professionals and a former rehab patient into the importance of professional treatment for employees with alcohol and drug problems.  

Employers often ignore alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace until it is too late. Residential rehab treatment can transform an addicted employee from a liability to a productive and fulfilled worker. 

Addiction info

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has an estimated two million members worldwide. A ‘member’ is someone who attends their meetings, but you don’t have to sign up or pay a fee. At AA and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings people who have problems with alcohol or drugs meet to share their experiences and provide mutual help. For many people AA and NA are enough to stop them using and keep them abstinent. For others, more professional help and psychotherapy is necessary to kick-start their recovery. AA and NA are both invaluable aftercare tools. At these meetings people who have problems with alcohol or drugs meet to share their experiences and provide mutual help.

Confidentiality and privacy

The biggest barriers to people getting help for alcohol/drug addiction are guilt, shame and stigma. An assurance of confidentiality is vital to those seeking treatment, especially if they are high profile executives or public figures.

Fortunately, residential rehab clinics take a client’s right to anonymity very seriously and treatment between doctor and patient is completely private and confidential.

What does Castle Craig Hospital offer to businesses?

Castle Craig offers the following to businesses: consulting and supervision throughout the development of your drug and alcohol policy; initial assessments, interventions and consulting for employees and their superiors, either in person or over our confidential helpline, awareness seminars and training to educate leadership personnel on this important part of organisational health, intensive and personalised treatment at Castle Craig rehab clinic.

Should employers support addicted staff through rehab?

Addiction is a taboo issue among employers. Managers don’t want to believe that they have a problem on their hands. However, it is vital that senior managers examine the culture of their company, compile a risk assessment of the organisation, introduce a drug and alcohol policy, and help individuals with alcohol and drug problems to access treatment. This will improve the performance of the company and improve safety in the long run. The cost of firing an employee with alcohol problems; and recruiting, hiring and training a replacement are far greater than helping someone through rehab.

The cost of private residential rehab treatment

The cost of a course of treatment at a private residential rehab treatment clinic depends upon a variety of factors. These include length of stay (dependent upon medical advice); location; expertise of staff; the amount of staff available per patient; treatments and therapies offered; medical facilities; quality of facilities, accommodation and food; extra facilities e.g. gym, transport, holistic therapies; aftercare programme available; external funding provided to the clinic.

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