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Private Gambling Addiction Treatment, Birmingham

Private Gambling Addiction Treatment, Birmingham

  • Are you from Birmingham and concerned about the amount of time you spend gambling?
  • Are you worried that your gambling is out of control and affecting your finances, your work life and your relationships?
  • Do you hide your gambling from others?

With the highest number of new start-ups and active businesses of any other city outside London, Birmingham is a key business destination in the UK.

Recently hailed by the FT as a “magnet for businesses, workers and home buyers” investment in the city is high and continuing to rise. However, gambling addiction is also on the rise.

With career success comes increased challenges for executives in the form of pressure and stress at work, anxiety and depression and peer pressure, all of which can lead to addiction. 

Gambling is often seen as a release from these pressures and a solution to problems, however, when the inevitable financial difficulties begin to arise, gambling itself becomes the problem.

The Executive Rehab Guide aims to raise awareness about gamblingalcohol and drug problems, particularly among executives and professionals.

Published by Castle Craig Hospital, we provide the information and tools needed to tackle addiction proactively and at the earliest possible stage. 

Alcohol & drug problems in the workplace

The importance of rehab treatment

This video features insights from addictions professionals and a former rehab patient into the importance of professional treatment for employees with alcohol and drug problems.  

Employers often ignore alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace until it is too late. Residential rehab treatment can transform an addicted employee from a liability to a productive and fulfilled worker. 

Private Gambling Rehab

Private gambling rehab treatment can transform the life of someone in Birmingham with gambling addiction, rebuild their family relationships and save their careers and finances.

Castle Craig Rehab

The Executive Rehab Guide is published by Castle Craig Hospital, Europe’s leading private rehab clinic. Our residential rehab clinic provides high quality medical and holistic treatment for alcohol, drug, gambling and other addictions.

Our residential rehabilitation clinics provide the most advanced inpatient treatment available in Europe in a discreet and beautiful setting. Our service in London provides diagnostic, referral and continuing care services.

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