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For people with addiction problems, whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, social media, gaming or other mental health issues.

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Addiction Specialist Team

The experts behind your recovery

If you are battling alcohol or drug dependency, it is essential to remember that, although you may be feeling isolated, you are not alone.

Some so many people want to help you recover – from family and friends to medical professionals.

The Executive Rehab Guide’s mission is to help individuals find the best treatment and answer all their addiction, rehab and recovery questions.

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Who are we, and what do we do?

People and individuals are at the heart of the rehabilitation process, and our dedicated addiction specialist team prioritise their patients.

By prioritising your needs and requirements, we have helped thousands regain a healthy and happy life.

We guide people before, during and after residential treatment to give them the best chance of recovering for good.

Every staff member combines their passion with their expertise to provide the highest-quality treatment and care.

Castle Craig’s Medical Team Includes:

Medical Director

  • Directs and oversees the medical treatment programs
  • Manages the nursing team
  • Maintains contact with patients during and after rehab

Consultant psychiatrists

  • Specialists in addiction treatment
  • Responsible for medical assessments and tailored care plans
  • Oversee detoxification
  • Provide any necessary prescription medication
  • Continued monitoring of patients’ physical and psychological health

Addiction therapists

Alison Mills Sr.Admissions Specialist
Alison Mills, Sr.Admissions Specialist, is here to help.
  • Certified specialists (IC&RC, BACP, COSCA accreditations)
  • Guide patients through personalised treatment plans
  • Lead psychosocial therapy sessions
  • Lead individual and group counselling
  • EMDR and CBT-trained therapists
  • Eating disorder therapists

Resident doctors

  • On-site 24/7 to ensure all-round medical assistance
  • Immediately available to tend to medical emergencies

Nursing team

  • Provide nursing care and continued monitoring of patients
  • Assist doctors with medical assessment and subsequent medication
  • Oversee the detoxification process
  • On-call to deal with health or emotional needs.

Admissions team

  • Responsible for guiding patients through the application process
  • Ensure financing is set up for the patient
  • Answer any questions before the treatment commencement date
  • Ensure a seamless admissions process

Other permanent and consulting staff:

  • Fitness instructors
  • Spa and relaxation therapy staff
  • Administration and support staff

We are here to help now:

We are not just here to help you during your treatment.

Our supportive team of therapists are available to help you and guide you towards the best treatment options for you.

Call us today on 0808 1150 446.

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