Admissions process

Admissions Process for Private Rehab

Once you have considered all addiction treatment options and decided that private drug or alcohol rehab is the best option for you, and you have chosen your preferred drug and alcohol rehab clinic, you can follow the steps below to begin the admissions process.

The admissions process varies depending on the rehab clinic but below is an example of what might happen if you are from the UK:

  1. Questions: Call the admissions department with a list of any questions you might have about their treatment programme, staff and facilities. Enquire about fees and payment methods. Be prepared to answer questions about your addiction history.
    • If you are planning to pay via private health insurance then you must find out if your plan covers you for residential addiction treatment.
  2. Referral: Private services require a letter of referral from your General Practitioner with details of your addiction and medical history. The Consultant Psychiatrist or doctor will keep in touch with your GP regarding any information required. 
  3. Pre-admission assessment: Most residential services will perform a medical and psychological assessment before a client is accepted for the programme. Usually free of charge, these assessments will determine the suitability of the client for treatment at the clinic. The client should be under no obligation to book treatment following this assessment. Pre-admission assessments can take place over the phone or at the clinic.
  4. Book: Book your admission date and arrange travel. 
  5. Information: An admission pack should be sent to you before arrival, containing details of what to expect when you arrive.
  6. Liaison: A standard letter will be sent to your GP informing them of your request for treatment and more information may be gathered by phone.

A private admission can often be arranged and completed within 24 hours.

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