Treatment costs in private rehab clinics

Residential rehab costs

The costs of rehab depends upon:

  • Location;
  • Expertise of medical and therapeutic staff;
  • Amount of staff;
  • Treatments and specialist therapies offered;
  • Accommodation quality e.g. interior furnishings, private or twin bedrooms; extensive grounds;
  • ‘Extra’ facilities e.g. grounds, gym, local transport, complementary/holistic therapies, exercise facilities and personal fitness instruction;
  • Aftercare programme;
  • Whether the service receives external funding/charitable support or operates independently,
  • Length of stay.

Costs can range from £2,000 per week for a basic service to around £10,000 per week for a boutique service. Some clinics charge ‘extras’ which have to be covered separately and which you may not anticipate in advance.

Which private rehab is best for you?

Quality treatment programme

It is important that prospective private patients carefully assess the quality of a treatment programme when making enquiries.  A medically managed facility where staff receive ongoing training will cost more than a rehab centre which does not invest in its staff.

Selecting a low cost programme might provide savings in the short term but if the standard of treatment isn’t adequate and a patient relapses and needs to go back then the long-term costs may be far higher. On the other hand an expensive boutique clinic might have luxurious accommodation and a desirable location abroad, but may lack in actual medical and therapeutic treatment standards.

Treatment length

For many professionals, the thought of a six week stay in rehab is unpalatable. They may be tempted to look into treatment within the community or at a shorter programme which offers abstinence within three or four weeks. However it has been proven that a longer, sustained period of rehab is more effective in the long run. This depends on individual and clinical factors affecting the patient and length of stay should be determined by a qualified doctor or psychiatrist.

Luxury accommodation

Some of the more exclusive facilities specialise in five star facilities such as luxury bedrooms, swimming pools, gyms, and gourmet food and inevitably have higher costs.

Top doctors

Other rehab clinics focus more on the quality of treatment, employing top doctors and the ongoing training of staff, this too will cost more.

Help with funding

Most clinics are privately run but help with funding is available through the NHS/social services and you can contact your local services to discuss their application process. Many private clinics have payment plans to help you pay privately.

Success rates

Try to find a rehab clinic with a proven track record, that independently monitors rehab success rates among past clients. All rehab admissions staff should be happy to answer questions on this. Different factors have an impact on success rates:

  • The clinical profile of the patient: physical state on admission,
  • The length and severity of the addiction,
  • Social and family support or lack thereof, 
  • Whether the client has a co-occuring / co-morbid disorder e.g. another addiction, depression, another mental illness.

Rehab is not easy

… even if you have a swimming pool

Whichever type of clinic you attend, it is what you put into your own recovery that matters most. A private bedroom, luxurious swimming pool and gourmet food in a tropical paradise might sound like all you need; but you need motivation, dedication and hard work to succeed in recovery, alongside dedicated and professional support from experienced and highly trained medical and therapeutic professionals.

Treatment within the setting of a residential therapeutic community can be an extremely supportive and motivating environment, renewing self-esteem, trust and communication and encouraging personal responsibility.

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