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Real life Rehab stories

real life storiesRead stories of people who have attended rehab and now live a life of recovery

Recovery is very possible

Those who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction are often sceptical or concerned about seeking help because they don’t think that recovery is possible.

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Choose the best you

75% of those who attended residential rehab maintain a happy and sober life following treatment. If you are abusing a substance, then you may be in denial, or thinking that your current life will be better than recovering. What to expect from a recovery programme?

  • You will live instead of merely existing
  • You will reconnect with yourself and others around you
  • You will see your loved ones smile again
  • You will be able to smile again
  • You will be able to create the future and life you deserve
  • You matter

Read some of our testimonials from professionals, and stories from patients whose lives have changed for the better since receiving treatment for their addiction:

But recovery is very possible, and there are so many people who want to help you overcome your addiction and develop a happy and healthy life. Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we are dedicated to providing the advice you need regarding rehab and treatment options, as well as showing you that recovery is possible. Call us today on 0808 1150 446.

Testimonials from the professionals

“Castle Craig is a genuine centre of excellence. The care offered by Castle Craig is world-class and delivered with expertise and love.” Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon Founder and Director of Start2Stop

“I have always had excellent experiences with Castle Craig. Castle Craig provides a safe and supportive space for clients to take an honest look at themselves, and ascertain what changes need to be made.

The McCann family provide an excellent backdrop to a rigorous and well-designed treatment programme.”

Virginia Graham Private Therapist based in London

“Castle Craig has always been high on my list of options for treating patients who need a safe, spacious, secure, and tranquil environment in which they seek their early recovery from addiction.”

Dr Mike McPhillips Consultant Psychiatrist, London

Real-life stories

“Since I left Castle Craig, my life has been absolutely wonderful. I feel happy. I feel comfortable in my skin. I feel absolutely free. I don’t feel frightened anymore. I can manage life.” Charlene

“Thank you for looking after Lewis during his time with you at Castle Craig. Today I dropped him off you promised that you would look after my son, and you certainly did that. After many years I now have Lewis back and I can’t tell you just how amazing that is!

Lewis continues to do well and is a joy to be around. The work you do is incredible and really does save lives.”

Mother, about her son Lewis

“My journey began at Castle Craig, and it’s where I first learned to start living one day at a time.”

Niall “If it was not for the staff at Castle Craig, I wouldn’t be alive today. I will always be grateful for all the support they gave me.” Elaine “Thank you all for the beautiful life I have back. I wouldn’t be in this position without the support you all provided, each of you in your own special way. 9.5 months clean and sober.” Mark

If you are in recovery, keep going

If you have completed rehab and are currently in recovery, well done. It is a great achievement to regain control over your life and seek happiness and health in long-term sobriety. We have some helpful affirmations that can help you maintain motivation and positivity:

  1. You are strong
  2. You matter
  3. Every day is a new beginning
  4. You deserve to be happy
  5. You are doing your best

Get the support you deserve

Whether you are coming to terms with your addiction, or in recovery and need advice, the friendly team at Executive Rehab Guide are here to help. Get in touch today online or call us on 0808 1150 446.