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Shame, Addiction and Codependency

Shame: The Cruel Crossroads of Addiction and Codependency

Shame is one of the most human emotions, and it shapes so much of how we feel about ourselves, our actions and our personality.

In the context of addiction, shame could be one of the key drivers behind your decision not to seek professional help, which only entrenches and reinforces your habit.

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So, how are shame, codependency and addiction-related to one another, and what can you do to break the cycle between them?

The facts

  • Shaming problems can affect those with addiction issues and those caring for them in a codependent relationship.
  • There is a strong correlation between parents with alcohol dependency and adult children with codependency issues.
  • Shame can be projected onto you by society or internalised by you based on how you perceive yourself.

Why is a shame so important to addiction?

As long as there is a social stigma surrounding alcoholism and drug addiction, then issues of shame will persist for those afflicted by substance abuse and dependency.

Shame can be both projected onto you and internalised within you.

Society projects shame onto those who behave outside the perceived norms of a community, such as by abusing alcohol or drugs.

On top of this, you might internalise a notion of shame tied to how you think other people perceive you, especially in close relationships such as parent and child or husband and wife.

The desire to protect ourselves from shame is why those suffering from addiction hide their plight as much as possible, making successful intervention hard and recovery less likely.

If you are worried that someone you love is hiding their addiction because of the shame they attach to their behaviour, then talk to us at the Executive Rehab Guide for help staging an intervention that could save your loved one’s life.

Shame and codependency

Codependency, the behavioural relationship between people suffering from addiction and those around them, is right at the heart of the problem of addiction.

It is also crucial to understand how to begin the process of recovery.

The cruel reality of codependency in the context of addiction is that it affects both those who do and do not have an addiction issue in different but interconnected ways.

Codependent relationships are unhealthy and ultimately can be destructive for both parties, so early medical intervention is crucial.

Contact us here at the Executive Rehab Guide to urgently begin the recovery process and end the dangerous situation of an addiction-led codependent relationship.

Your journey to healing and recovery

Suppose you suffer from addiction and have feelings of shame that are so entrenched in your psyche that they affect everything about your day-to-day life and relationships. In that case, the best way to recover is by removing yourself from the location of your codependency to a residential rehab clinic.

Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we are on hand to guide you through finding the right rehab clinic where you can work through issues of shame and codependency as part of your journey to recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. You can talk to us about rehab and all the options available here.

One such specialist clinic is Castle Craig, located in the beautiful landscape of the Scottish Borders, where you will be treated by a full staff roster of medical professionals and therapists, using a range of techniques, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Group Therapy
  • Complimentary and holistic therapies

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