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For people with addiction problems, whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, social media, gaming or other mental health issues.

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Additional addiction treatment resources

Residential treatment aims to support you through the initial stages of detox, and equip you with the tools you need for long term abstinence.

Options for addiction recovery

Executive Rehab Guide believes every sufferer of substance abuse, depression, anxiety or stress has the right to receive the best treatment for their current circumstances.

Addiction often is connected to mental health issues. Your substance use may have started as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult and overwhelming feelings.

We provide professional guidance that helps people be connected to the right private rehabs, receive the correct advice and are educated on everything from costs to treatments successes.

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Essential resources available to you

It is widely acknowledged that recovering from substance addiction is not always a simple, linear journey and requires multiple crutches and support systems working together to guide you through this time.

This can include:

  • The 12-step programme
  • Detoxification
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • EDMR therapy
  • PTSD therapy
  • Art/music therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Mindfulness, mediation and fitness
  • Family therapy

For some people, this list of techniques and treatments may feel overwhelming.

Although there are many treatment methods, it can be helpful to re-conceptualise this list as an example of all the many kinds of support that are out there, rather than an exhaustive list of everything you must do to get better.

If you choose to go to rehab, you will work with qualified professionals who can create a personalised programme, incorporating the therapeutic modes and techniques that work best for you.

Along with rehab and outpatient therapy, there is also an extensive range of resources available online if you are looking for further information.


1. 12 Steps

Learn about the popular Twelve Step programme commonly used for successfully treating addiction since the 1930s.

2. Adfam 

A charity that works with families affected by drugs and alcohol.

3. Alcoholics Anonymous

AA utilises its famous 12 Step-based programmes and helps individuals recover from alcohol addiction.

4. Alcohol Concern 

A popular national agency in the voluntary sector is targeting alcohol misuse and supporting individuals through their Recovery.

5. Cocaine Anonymous 

The organisation uses 12 Step-based programmes to help people recover from cocaine addiction.

6. Drink and Drugs News

A  web portal was providing information for those affected by drug and alcohol use and professionals in the substance misuse sector.

The resource is also commonly used by people who work on the broader health, social care and criminal justice field.


One of the most well-known drug information organisations.

Contact their phone line on 0800 776600 or refer to the website.

FRANK offers free, confidential drug information and advice – with 24-hour access to anyone who needs it.

8. Gamblers Anonymous

A community of individuals working to overcome gambling addiction.

9. Hepatitis C Trust 

A national organisation that offers support and information for people with or affected by hepatitis C, including a telephone helpline.

10. Narcotics Anonymous 

Uses the 12 Step programme to help individuals recovering from drug addiction.

11. Release 

The national legal and drugs advice service. The release offers multiple services dedicated to meeting drug users’ health, welfare and legal needs.

12. SMART Recovery

It helps individuals trying to abstain from addictive behaviour or activity and achieve Recovery.

SMART Recovery utilises an approach based on motivational, behavioural and cognitive methods for solving addiction-related problems.

13. Sex and love addiction

Connect with others who are trying to overcome unhealthy behaviours in relationships, including co-dependency and addiction.

14. Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP)

A network that supports GPs and other members of the primary health care team who work with substance misusers

15. Women for Sobriety

An organisation whose purpose is to help all women find their individual path to Recovery through the discovery of self, gained by sharing experiences, hopes and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances.

16. Quit smoking

Advice and resources on how to give up tobacco addiction and quit smoking for good.

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Where do I go from here?

As professional guide, the Executive Rehab Guide connects people who are suffering and need help to the right resorts and treatments.

The range of support systems widely available should bring comfort that you do not need to suffer this disease alone.

Although it can often take a lot of courage to admit that you are in need of help, for the time being, collectively these resources should inform you that suffering from substance dependency is a disease and not something you can control or easily fix alone.

There are verified, reliable ways to treat addiction that have been proven to work and are backed up by evidence, such as the 12 step programme.

If you are worried about your own drinking, then the first step is to contact your GP, explain your problem and ask for a referral to a local support group or a private rehab clinic.

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