Choosing a treatment method

Several treatment method options are available to those who want to be free of alcohol, drugs and addiction.

Remember detox does not constitute a treatment in itself, but is a necessary stage in many people’s treatment plan.

What to consider when choosing rehab treatment:

Waiting times

Can you start treatment/get help immediately?

Do you have underlying problems that need to be addressed by a professional?

These might include eating disorders, multiple drug addiciton, depression, anxiety, stress and other addictions such as gambling.  Post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly linked to addiction, and may be caused by a history of abuse, military service, assault or bereavement.


Do you need to receive detox from alcohol or drugs?  Detox can be a dangerous and unpleasant experience if not managed properly, and it is always for detox to be closely linked to the beginning of an intensive treatment experience.

Treatment model

What treatment model is used? Is it based on the traditional 12 Step programme and established therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and if not, find out what treatment method is used and why. 

Time off work

Is your employer willing to give you time off work, or do you have to find treatment in your own time?

Payment & funding

Do you have private healthcare insurance that covers addiction treatment, funded by your work or privately? Can you pay privately? Many rehab clinics offer payment plans to help you manage the fees. Many rehab treatment clinics also charge for hidden extras and this is something you should be sure to ask about when making enquiries. If possible, find a clinic that offers all-inclusive treatment.


Is the treatment programme accredited by an external quality assurance system e.g. Care Commission, Health Improvement Scotland, Moody ISO 9001:2008. You want to be sure that you are receiving the best treatment possible.

Staff training

Ensure that a proper staff training programme is in place and staff are professionally trained and qualified.

Your General Practitioner

What does your GP recommend? Be honest with your GP about the amount of alcohol/drugs you take.  If you have already identified a treatment method that you are intersted in, you can discuss these with your GP.

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