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What addiction support can I get for free?

What addiction support can I get for free?

When it comes to seeking support for your addiction, it can be hard to know where to start looking, and what services are available to you.

Here at the Executive Rehab Guide, we are committed to helping you or your loved one get the right support.

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Free NHS drug and alcohol support

There are several free services available on the NHS:


If you visit your GP with an addiction, you will be able to ask to be referred to receive counselling sessions to help with your addiction.

There is often a long referral waiting list of a minimum of 2 months, and counsellors do not necessarily specialise in treating addiction.

Find UK counselling services for drug addiction.

 Local Drug and Alcohol Services

 Your GP may choose to refer you to your local drug and alcohol service. 

A local drug and alcohol service means a facility which offers drop-in services and can prescribe prescription drugs which patients can swap illegal drugs for.

With all NHS services, because they are free, there is a very long waiting list, even for drop-in sessions.

Find drug treatment services.

 Local Mental Health Teams

Another alternative is being referred to a local UK mental health team.

This operates in a similar way to the local drug and alcohol services; however, you will have access to a psychiatrist.

It is important to remember that mental health services are not specific to drug or alcohol use but are more specialised in dealing with mental health issues.

Download NHS Mental Health Teams (MHTs) factsheet.

counselling for addiction is free

Talking Therapies

The NHS offer what they call ‘Talking Therapies’, which are helplines offering 24-hour advice and support.

For more information, click here. Alternatively, immediate access to talking therapy is available here.

Again, these are more focused on mental health issues.

Can I go to rehab on the NHS?

Going to residential rehab on the NHS is by no means a

straightforward process.

NHS funding is very difficult to obtain.

It involves applying to the government to grant you a large amount of money, and as budgets are already tight, this can be hard to receive.

The application process can also take up to 18 months as it requires evidence of a long-term commitment to recovery.

If your funding application is eventually successful, you will not be able to attend rehab straight away. You will be put on the waiting list for rehab.

And, even then, you will only be able to choose from a limited number of rehabs, which cost lower and can accommodate large number of patients as opposed to gaining access to the highest-quality care.

Free alternatives to the NHS?


Charities are free services that offer support meetings or free helplines to those struggling with addiction.

Here are some of the most popular addiction charities:

Betel UK is a Christian-led charity where people can donate money, furniture or anything they like to help those in need.

Betel UK has a community house which people can go to who seek redirection and recovery.

This is mainly for those recovering from addiction, and does not offer medical support or advice, but offers an alternative and religious recovery.

For example, residents will participate in charitable activities, worship and Bible discussion, therefore it is a charity focused on Christian beliefs.

Though this may be a good option for some, for most, a residential rehab treatment programme with medical and psychiatric care is a preferred and proven method for recovery.

See: NHS or private rehab?

If I want private care, is there funding?

Though private is not free, there are many advantages:

There are many funding options available to you that can help make the top-quality private treatment affordable to you:

  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Instalments
  • Credit card/bank loans
  • Discounts

Want to know more about the funding options available?

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