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If you are suffering from a loss of a loved one or need help with bereavement there's a wide range of mental health services in Wales that can help you cope and recover. Grief is a natural process, but it can be devastating. You're entitled to seek private health care or NHS care in the same way as anyone else who has a physical health problem in Stryd y Facsen.

Bereavement treatments offered include talking therapies and counselling. alcohol abuse rehab centre and hospitalisation or alcohol abuse rehab centre can also help when grief is combined with understandable but unhelpful coping strategies like drugs or alcohol.

a dedicated Treatment Facility in Wales

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Stryd y Facsen

We have found six Treatment Facilities near Isle of Anglesey and Pontypool

The aim of our Rehab Guide is to equip you with the very best knowledge and tools you need to confidently tackle alcohol problems proactively in Stryd y Facsen and at the earliest possible stage to avoid further damage to your drug addiction can cause toxicity, the risk for which increases when a person is addicted to both alcohol and tobacco and/or your relationships.

We are a free help and assessment guide for selecting the right alcohol abuse rehab centre which can help you with advice for accessing drug rehab centre in Isle of Anglesey that is tailored to your issues from alcohol. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Get confidential help 24/7. Call 0808 1150 446 now. Access the top alcohol abuse rehab centres with the best psychologists. Access professional, caring, supportive guidance and learn about the many financial assistance options.

No matter where you live in Isle of Anglesey, many successful addiction rehab centres can help you overcome your addiction. We'll help you find it.

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Advanced Treatment. Confidentiality. Free Hotline. Human Support.

Find information here on the latest residential bereavement clinic close by Stryd y Facsen?

You will receive:

  • They arrange everything
  • Free aftercare for 12 months following treatment
  • Full clinical assessment when arriving at your ketamine addiction treatment
  • Bespoke treatment programme and a comprehensive screening process
  • 1 Year complimentary aftercare support post ketamine addiction treatment
  • Look, feel, sleep better & regain confidence
  • ketamine addiction treatment offers a Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Aftercare and ongoing therapies
  • Personalised rehabilitation programme
  • Dual diagnosis care

Find more information on  a recommended residential addiction centre for alcohol or drug misuse in Wales

Guide to rehab

Perhaps you are looking for flexible addiction help for you or a friend who may have ketamine problems. We understand that making a decision on any residential treatment centre is a very fraught and difficult decision..

No matter where you live in Isle of Anglesey or Wales, there is the perfect inpatient treatment centre that can help you overcome your addiction. We'll help you find it. Our trained addiction admission staff are on hand 24 hours a day.

We are here to help. To book into your Isle of Anglesey drug or alcohol rehab clinic of choice, call 0808 1150 446, we can offer advice on all aspects of accessing the right treatment for your ketamine difficulties.

The calls are free and there is no-obligation to purchase or commit to anything. The helpline is run by Castle Craig, one of the oldest and best rehabs in the UK.

a well-known substance treatment hospital in Wales

The process of getting into rehab

Assessment | Detox | Therapy | Aftercare

NHS rehab Process: First stop is GP. Ask to be referred for both counselling sessions for your ketamine/addiction and to a local drug and alcohol team nearest to you in Isle of Anglesey. Although NHS resources are limited, it is still possible to receive funding for treatment.

Private rehab Process
Skip The Waiting List. Self-funding: you can self refer. This means literally call or turn up at your alcohol abuse rehab centre of choice with a credit card. See admissions.

Health insurance: choose your rehab and then ask GP to write a referral letter for you to take away. Alternatively, ask the doctor of advice on which hospital or clinic he recommends. More.

Arriving at the treatment centre

This will differ at different facilities but it is much the same everywhere

  1. You will be assessed so that your treatment needs and medical requirements are understood and a treatment plan is created
  2. You may need to detox
  3. You may be assigned a consultant psychiatrist near Stryd y Facsen. They are in overall charge of your care and medication plan. They may make suggestions based on your diagnosis for additional medication or individual therapy on top of group work
  4. You may then assigned to a group of other alcoholics/addicts etc.
  5. You are then possibly assigned a therapist or support worker/nurse locally in Isle of Anglesey
  6. You may be given 12 step recovery literature
  7. You are probably shown your room which you may have to share
  8. You might then meet the rest of the alcoholics

Everyone is very friendly. The staff in Isle of Anglesey have seen it all before so you are just another addict trying to recover. As patients, you are all in the same boat as everyone feels as raw and vulnerable as each other so making friends is normally easy.

Call now: 0808 1150 446

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Does rehab work in Isle of Anglesey?

Yes it does. There is a strong evidence base to support the treatment methods used at Castle Craig, as well as in support of residential rehabilitation treatment for alcohol/addictions.

What Are The Success Rates? "73.4% of those who attended treatment at Castle Craig were totally abstinent from all drugs or alcohol at follow-up (after about 1 year). More."

What's it like? Click here for more information.

Two reasons why rehabs work so well

  1. Aftercare: UK Statistics show that aftercare is an important component in achieving long-term abstinence. Recovering addicts who do not receive appropriate aftercare are 10 times more likely to relapse within one year.

  2. Safe, Caring Environment: Residential treatment at a private clinic is conducted in a safe environment that is free of the distractions of everyday life. Clients are living in a bubble, they are completely insulated from the outside world. This means that there are fewer distractions or triggers. Alcoholics can concentrate all of their energies on getting well. They are effectively removed from all of the outside distractions and stressors and 'immersed in recovery'.

"It is amazing to be free from drugs and alcohol and to be clean for the first time, the world is brighter. I am grateful for all the help." Angelica April 2018 The Trench

Why rehab might not work:

Want an Addiction Recovery Program that works? See Getting into the right Short-term residential rehab.

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How long does rehab take?

Patients are usually admitted into treatment at a private clinic or hospital from four weeks to 6 months, depending on the severity of the addiction. The best results are achieved when people stay in treatment for at least 12 weeks. Detox can take place before admission or on arrival alongside other therapies. More.

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A typical day in rehab

Days will differ from rehab to rehab and alcohol/addiction to addiction. However, most rehabs in Isle of Anglesey will follow a similar pattern.

A significant focus during treatment is on achieving clarity about the issues, people and surroundings in your life that have fuelled the desire to abuse drugs or alcohol/problems with gambling, internet, love, sex and shopping.


Sleeping in is not part of the programme. You get up early, get dressed, attend breakfast. Some clinics have morning meditation. Some clinics ask patients to clear away breakfast things on a rota.

  1. Breakfast is followed by group (often 90 minutes)
  2. (Break)
  3. Another Group (60 minutes)
  4. (Lunch)
  5. One to one session or Group (60 minutes)
  6. Group, yoga or Pilates session or lecture; (60 minutes)
  7. Possible meeting with your consultant, social worker, help team
  8. There is often written step or life story work to do

Evening time: Normally patients are bused to a meeting of AA, NA or relevant 12 step programmes.

Diet: A number of rehabs have adopted nutritional diets to combat mental health issues. There may be an absence of sugar and caffeine. Smoking is still allowed outside as it is said that patients would not attend otherwise.

Devices: In some clinics phones or laptops use is forbidden or discouraged. Bear in mind that a person with internet or a gaming addiction may find other patient using their devices triggering.

Visitor/family contact: It was common for patients to be advised to limit any or all contact with friends or family during the first week of treatment. Again this differs by provider. NHS rehabs are often further from your home in Stryd y Facsen as there are limited local resources which can make visiting difficult.

Can I leave: Yes, these are not secure facilities or locked wards.

Can I come back? Not always, the NHS is sometimes stricter, if you drink or use you may be barred from returning either, at all or within 48 hours.

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Cost of rehab

Costs can range from £2,000 per week for a basic service to around £10,000 per week for a boutique service. Some clinics charge extras which have to be covered separately and which you may not anticipate in advance. More on Costs.

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you can use credit cards to pay for primary care near Stryd y Facsen

a flexible Intensive Day Treatment rehab in Wales

The Perfect Rehab Location

Finding the best rehab programme for problems caused by ketamine is vital to long-term success. But where close or far? Every addiction client is different. However, most consultants often recommend that removing patients away from their local environment where they may have drunk, used or acted out is probably recommended.

It is better that the location is quiet and has an atmosphere that is both calm, peaceful and still 100% recovery-focused. However, that does not mean that city rehabs do not have appeal.

The difficulty with towns and city location is that offer easy access to alcohol and drugs, whereas locations without shops and fewer people make accessing substances that little bit harder. Perhaps this could be the difference between a moment's weakness leading to relapse or sobriety.

easily accessible alcohol abuse rehab centre in Isle of Anglesey

Recommended rehabs. One rehab that ticks all of these boxes is Castle Craig based outside Edinburgh. Only a 4-hour train ride or less from Isle of Anglesey. Over 10,000 patients have passed through our doors since 1988, and the majority have gone on to achieve, long-term abstinent recovery from their addictions. Another is Smarmore Castle in Ireland.

One reason why rehab works

  • Leading alcohol abuse rehab centre
  • Family and couples programmes
  • 1 Year complimentary aftercare support
  • Treatment to suit all budgets
  • Trauma therapy
  • Access to both on and off-site 12-Step support groups
  • The Hospital and its staff are committed to offering skilled professional medical, nursing and therapeutic services to patients and their families
  • You can receive outpatient treatment if you prefer
  • 89% of those questioned after completing treatment at Castle Craig are either living with reduced alcohol or drug use or totally abstinent. More.

See How to choose the right rehab.

Call now: 0808 1150 446

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Rehabs and addiction resources for Stryd y Facsen/Isle of Anglesey include

alcohol and drug problems often results sexual exposure (particularly among young UK women) and the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
Other local areas: Sydenham, Congleton Edge, Tirinie, Upper Bonchurch, Low Blantyre, Malkin's Bank, Llangynhafal, Bankhead, Craig cefn parc, Kenfig, Bierley and Elvingston.

We accept all UK health insurance policies that include a provision for rehabilitation and drug alcohol rehab in Wales

Free therapist call back

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Please note Castle Craig does not treat sex addiction, however, treatment is available at other recommended UK rehabs.