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If you have a problem with prescription drug abuse in Pembrokeshire or depression or cyclothymic disorder, there's a wide range of mental health services in Wales that can help you cope and recover. You are always entitled to seek private health care or NHS care in the same way as anyone else who has a physical health problem in Llandilo.

Treatments for depression include Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Interpersonal therapy (IPT), Psychodynamic psychotherapy and general counselling. For severe depression with or without an addiction hospital or prescription drugs rehabilitation is a common recourse. Denial can often be an effective barrier to getting help for addicts.

Addiction often combines other health problems both physical and mental. Mental health problems we deal with every day include depression/anxiety disorders OCD and post-traumatic stress disorder (called PTSD for short). .

the most effective addiction treatment centre in Wales

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We Have Found six Treatment Facilities in Pembrokeshire

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The aim of executive-rehab-guide.co.uk is to equip you with tried and tested tools you need to confidently tackle prescription drug abuse problems proactively in Slade and at the earliest possible stage to avoid further damage to your performance at work and/or your relationships.

At our Rehab Guide, we recognise that more prevalent addictions, including drug addiction, as well as other behavioural addictions such as gambling, internet, and sex can have a very unfortunate impact on all of a person's life.

Safe, nurturing and intensively supportive

Get confidential help 24/7. Call 0808 1150 446 now. Access the top prescription drugs rehabilitations with the best therapists. Access professional, caring, supportive guidance and learn about the many financial assistance options.

No matter where you live in Pembrokeshire, many CQC/SCSWIS approved 12 step addiction centres can help you overcome your addiction. We'll help you find it.

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Wherever you live in Pembrokeshire or Wales, there is the perfect residential rehab that can help you overcome your addiction. We'll help you find it.

Starting the rehab process

Assessment | Detox | Therapy | Aftercare

NHS rehab Process: First stop is GP. Ask to be referred for both counselling sessions for your alcohol/addiction and to a local drug and alcohol team nearest to you in Pembrokeshire. Although NHS resources are limited, it is still possible to receive funding for treatment.

Private rehab Process
Self-funding: you can self refer. This means you can literally call and book, or simply turn up with a credit card to your prescription drugs rehabilitation of choice. See admissions.

Health insurance: choose your rehab and then ask GP to write a referral letter for you to take away. Alternatively, ask the doctor of advice on which hospital or clinic he recommends. More.

Arriving at the treatment centre

This will differ at different facilities but it is much the same everywhere

  1. You will be assessed so that your treatment needs and medical requirements are understood and a treatment plan is created
  2. You may need to detox
  3. You may be assigned a consultant psychiatrist near Slade. They are in overall charge of your care and medication plan. They may make suggestions based on your diagnosis for additional medication or individual therapy on top of group work
  4. You may then assigned to a group of other alcoholics etc.
  5. You are then possibly assigned a therapist or support worker/nurse locally in Pembrokeshire
  6. You may be given 12 step recovery literature
  7. You are probably shown your room which you may have to share
  8. You might then meet the rest of the clients

Everyone is very friendly. The staff in Pembrokeshire have seen it all before so you are just another addict trying to recover. As patients, you are all in the same boat as everyone feels as raw and vulnerable as each other so making friends is normally easy.

Components of a rehab programme

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Does rehab work in Pembrokeshire?

Yes it does. There is a strong evidence base to support the treatment methods used at Castle Craig, as well as in support of residential rehabilitation treatment for prescription drug abuse/addictions.

What Are The Success Rates? "99% of patients from the Castle Craig Addiction Treatment Programme stated that they were treated with both respect and dignity during their residential stay"

What's it like? Click here for more information.

Two reasons why rehabs work so well

  1. Ownership: The treatment provided through hospital forces alcoholics/addicts to take ownership of their circumstances, feeling, actions and relationships as opposed to blaming others.

    Without anyone or anything else to blame, he or she must come to terms with the fact that they alone are responsible for changing their addictive behaviour AND they are responsible for their own recovery.

  2. Aftercare: UK Statistics always show that aftercare is an important component in achieving long-term abstinence from alcohol and drug problems. Recovering addicts who do not receive appropriate aftercare are 10 times more likely to relapse within one year. Most clinics include aftercare as part of their treatment services in most cases. NHS clinics do not always have this facility

"Never thought I'd have to go to rehab. Never thought I'd write a review about it. But I did. If you have to go to rehab choose wisely. Thought that rehab was for celebrities, but everyone was just like me." Ares January 2016 Pembrokeshire

Why rehab might not work:

  • Poor counsellors in Hundleton
  • Too many distractions and outside issues interfere with recovery in Hundleton
  • See addiction myths

Want an Addiction Recovery Program that works? See Getting into the right Short-term residential rehab.

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What is it like?

There are many different ways to treat addiction, including weekly hour-long group discussion groups and full 12-week programme residential stays.

Usually, clients come to rehab when they have either a) exhausted all other options or b) are conscious that their case is severe enough that they require the full support of a residential programme.

One of the reasons why residential rehab is so much more effective than outpatient treatment alone is that it usually incorporates all of the benefits of outpatient treatment (group therapy, reintegration, a space to share your experience with a supportive community) while it also removes you from the everyday stresses that can often trigger substance use. or other behavioural addiction issues. More.

How else can going to a local prescription drugs rehabilitation help with?

  • Teach you ways to cope with temptation and craving
  • Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) Treatment
  • Postnatal and Antenatal (Perinatal) Depression Treatment
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Treatment
  • Other Substance addictions
  • Panic Attack Treatment

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Cost of rehab

Costs can range from £2,000 per week for a basic service to around £10,000 per week for a boutique service. Some clinics charge extras that have to be covered separately and which you may not anticipate in advance. More on Costs.

I can’t afford to go to rehab, what do I do?

The Executive Rehab Guide understand that every circumstance is different.

That’s why our package stays are competitively priced and have been voted the most affordable in recent years.

Ways to pay:

We offer our patients many different ways to pay for their treatment, you can cover the cost of your treatment with:

  • Private Medical Insurer (BUPA)
  • Pay-as-you go finance plans
  • Weekly payments
  • Discounts of long-term stays

See: How to fund private rehab treatment

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you can use credit cards to pay for self-harm treatment near Llandilo

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The best Rehab Location

Finding the best rehab programme for alcohol difficulties is vital to long-term success. But where close or far? Every addict is different. However, most psychologists often recommend that removing clients away from their local environment where they may have drunk, used or acted out is probably sensible.

It is better that the location is quiet and has an atmosphere that is both calm, peaceful and still 100% recovery-focused. However, that does not mean that city rehabs do not have appeal.

The difficulty with towns and city location is that offer easy access to alcohol and drugs, whereas locations without shops and fewer people make accessing substances that little bit harder. Perhaps this could be the difference between a moment's weakness leading to relapse or sobriety.

specialist prescription drugs rehabilitation in Pembrokeshire

Recommended rehabs. One rehab that ticks all of these boxes is Castle Craig based outside Edinburgh. Only a 4-hour train ride or less from Pembrokeshire. Over 10,000 patients have passed through our doors since 1988, and the majority have gone on to achieve, long-term abstinent recovery from their addictions. Another is Smarmore Castle in Ireland.

One reason why rehab works

  • Leading prescription drugs rehabilitation
  • Effective psychological interventions including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • 24-hour care
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Offer after care and ongoing support
  • Set Goals and Build New Habits
  • You're much more likely to recover if you complete rehab at Castle Craig
  • 1 Year complimentary aftercare support
  • Compared to going it alone, patients who attend rehab are 5 times more likely to recover

See How to choose the right rehab.

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Rehabs and addiction resources for Slade/Pembrokeshire include

Castle Craig is one of the most famous and recommended private rehab centres. Patients come from all over Wales

Castle Craig
Castle Craig Hospital is a private alcohol rehab centre and crisis rehab care clinic located near Edinburgh, Scotland. Many patients come from Pembrokeshire to recover from alcohol at our clinic.

We offer [usp4].
West Linton EH46 7DH
Tel: 01721 722763

Est: 1988
Open 24 hours

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic | Alcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab Detox & Treatment | Ireland

The impact of substance use may be reduced with early intervention. Alcohol and other drug use is the principle contributor to poor quality of life and low mood
Other local areas: Eglwysbach, Loans, Willowbank, Pentre, Dolphin, Prestbury, Muker, Sandy Carrs, Dundrod, Ballynagard, Caerdydd and Logie.

Local Rehabs


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  • We accept all UK health insurance policies that include a provision for alcohol rehabilitation treatment and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Wales

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    Please note Castle Craig does not treat sex addiction, however, treatment is available at other recommended UK rehabs.