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Reaching out to help someone with an alcohol or drug problem is not easy but there are ways in which a family member or colleague can intervene and confront the addict, with the hope of bringing about a change in perspective. An intervention is a meeting of a group of people (usually family but can sometimes include other close friends, advisors or employers) who are concerned about the individual’s drinking or drug-using.

The aim is to help the person realise that they have an illness that is out of control and that they cannot overcome this problem without professional help at an alcohol or drug treatment centre.

Types of Interventions

Intervention can be a delicate process and it is advisable to get professional information and guidance before proceeding.

Group interventions

A group can have more impact. A spouse can use older children, a brother/sister, a minister. The group should not be too large as it could overwhelm. If each person is armed with specific facts about the effects of the addict’s drinking or using and express their concern for the individual, the effect can be powerful. The aim is to try to convince the addict/alcoholic to be admitted into an addiction rehab clinic.

Group acting separately

Again, a group can act separately: several people over the course of a couple of weeks can approach the person suggesting the need for the help and leaving the same card or telephone number for professional help.

Workplace intervention

This may be performed by employers, colleagues and company doctors who work with somebody whose drinking/drug using is becoming a problem in the workplace. It must be performed by colleagues that the individual feels close to and respects.

Intervention with the help of a professional

Some private alcohol and drug rehab clinics offer the services of trained addictions counsellors who have experience in staging interventions. This person will listen to the background of the case and advise you in setting up the intervention. They will also be present to lead the intervention.

The Executive Rehab Guide is published by Castle Craig Hospital. For more information on interventions with the help of a team of professionals, please contact the admissions team.

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