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Castle Craig: En-Suite Rooms

Castle Craig Hospital is located in the stunning countryside of the Scottish Borders, just 40 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh

Private Rehab Accommodation: What Is It Like?

When in recovery, sometimes the most crucial factor can be one’s own environment.

Sometimes, the environment may even prompt addiction in the first place.

In these cases, a change of scenery can make all the difference.

Castle Craig places a high emphasis on making their patients feel at home.

Based in the idyllic Scottish border region, it’s an ideal retreat for those suffering from addiction.

For working professionals, whose typical environment might be claustrophobic, urban and crowded, Castle Craig will offer a stark and refreshing change of scenery.

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They also offer a family therapy programme.

Castle Craig regularly maintains and updates all of its accommodation and treatment facilities to keep a high standard of living.

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Booking Rates

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