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Medical team

Castle Craig is fully medically managedCastle Craig is fully medically managed.

This means a Medical Director oversees the whole treatment programme, a full-time Consultant Psychiatrist who works exclusively for Castle Craig, and several other doctors within the medical team.

Medical care begins with the assessment by the Consultant Psychiatrist. The Consultant uses this as a basis for the personalised care plan for the patient and prescribes any necessary course of detoxification.

On your arrival, the patient enters detox, where the nursing team takes over your care and ensures comfortable and safe detoxification from drugs and alcohol.

The Consultant Psychiatrist discusses patient cases with the rest of the medical team, so patient care is well joined.

They continually monitor patients’ physical and mental health status throughout treatment and approve all discharge plans.

Resident medical officers (general practitioner doctors) are onsite to ensure dedicated medical cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they are immediately available to deal with any medical emergencies that arise.

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