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Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, Ireland


Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is a residential rehab clinic, located within easy reach from Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. The rehab clinic treats alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction and dual diagnosis.

Smarmore Castle is just 50 mins drive from Dublin.

Smarmore Castle has been renovated to create an impressive environment dedicated to treating those with alcohol and drug addiction. The inpatient clinic features 22 beds, a large leisure and fitness centre with swimming pool and 15 acres of grounds.

Rehab Treatment Programme

The treatment programme aims to help clients achieve abstinence through an intensive, personalised programme that:

High-Quality Treatment Standards

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is the first inpatient treatment centre in Ireland to follow the Castle Craig Model of treatment. 

Smarmore Castle will adopt Castle Craig’s internationally regarded treatment model which is accredited with Intertek ISO 9001:2008. A recent outcomes study of patients who had attended Castle Craig found 73% had successfully remained abstinent, whilst 92% showed an overall improvement.


The location is a beautiful castle and country house in County Louth, parts of which originate from the 14th century. The surrounding countryside offers our patients an escape from their chaotic lives surrounded by an experienced team of addiction treatment professionals. Smarmore is based just 40 minutes drive north of Dublin. 

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