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Cost of rehab

The aim of the Executive Rehab Guide is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to tackle alcohol and drug problems proactively and at the earliest possible stage to avoid further damage to your career and relationships.

How much does rehab cost in the UK?

Rehab is known to be one of the most effective ways to beat addiction available.

73.2% of 10,000 patients after completing their experiential therapy treatment with us went on to achieve long-lasting recovery and abstinence.

Whether you’re coming to the Executive Rehab Guide for drug abuse, alcohol addiction, depression or anxiety, there’s no denying the advantages patients experience after their stay at a rehab wellness centre. See precisely why rehab costs so much.

Why are private rehab clinics expensive?

The level and quality of care you will receive in a private institution will provide you with one-to-one and round-the-clock professional medical support.

Private residential rehab clinics offer patients the chance to escape their everyday life.

For example, Castle Craig in the UK is located in the countryside and boasts some terrific views.

Temptations, habits and bad influences can all be accessed through outpatient treatment.

Private rehab centres offer you the opportunity to get away and provide an experience of total immersion – allowing you the chance to entirely focus on yourself and your recovery.

The differences in treatment also contribute to the cost factor.

Advanced and proven therapeutic techniques alongside expert therapists and doctors mean you will get bespoke care that will offer you the best chance of long-term recovery.

More benefits of private clinics include:

In reality, addiction is much more common than we think and often those in high-demand jobs are able to hide their dependency issues from family, friends and colleagues.

  • Immediate admissions
  • Away from the churn of daily life – no distractions, no triggers and zero chance of substance abuse
  • Inpatient treatments offer time-consuming and intensive approaches to ensure you get better.
  • Every day will be spent in treatment.

Private rehabs emphasise the importance of recovery.

Being immersed in an environment where recovery is understood, supported and celebrated will give you the tools and the best opportunity to escape your deep depression.

The Executive Rehab Guide has helped treat over 10,000 patients – our professional staff teaches the essential skills needed to reintegrate into society as a productive member of your community, enabling you to rebuild the wealth you may have lost during this time.

Effective treatment solutions:

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I can’t afford to go to rehab; what do I do?

The Executive Rehab Guide understand that every circumstance is different.

That’s why our package stays are competitively priced and have been voted the most affordable in recent years.

Ways to pay:

We offer our patients many different ways to pay for their treatment, you can cover the cost of your treatment with:

  • Private Medical Insurer (BUPA)
  • Pay-as-you go finance plans
  • Weekly payments
  • Discounts of long-term stays

See: How to fund private rehab treatment

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