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Why are some rehabs more expensive than others?

The Cost of Rehab: Paying for Addiction Treatment

Each rehab centre is completely different, and it can be an intimidating process considering which rehab centre and treatment type are best for you.

How much rehab will be costing you and your family is an important factor to take into account.

But we are here to help.

The price depends on the quality and amount of rehab treatment and with so many options and rehab clinics around the UK, we have created a simple breakdown which gives an overview of what you can get for different price brackets.

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Cheap Rehab vs Leading Private Rehabs

Many studies have found that residential rehab, followed by an aftercare and relapse prevention plan, is the most effective and successful form of recovery from alcohol or drug misuse.

Residential rehab is never free.

This is simply because there is a cost for housing, accommodating, feeding, medicating and treating those who are staying on the premises.

See our breakdown of the daily cost of rehab.

While a cheaper option might seem appealing, it is so important to consider why the prices are lower in these centres.

In the same way, leading luxury rehabs are more costly for a reason: the highest-quality research-led treatment programme, the best professional medical care and extensive facilities.

While some mild cases can benefit from outpatient or cheaper rehab options, most cases need inpatient treatment which provides professional and top-quality care to maximise your chances of long-term sobriety.

Here is a small table showing a brief breakdown of prices and facilities offered:

Buy cheap, buy twice

In any addiction rehab centre, there are basic aspects that must be offered:

  • Detox
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Relapse prevention
  • Referrals to long-term options

castle craig is located in the beautiful countryside that offers patients an immersive experienceThese four elements are imperative to giving the patient the best chance at recovery.

Cheaper rehab centres will offer these at varying levels and prices, therefore offering very basic treatment.

Recovering addicts will receive a limited number of therapy sessions, and will only have access to addiction specialists, which does not necessarily include doctors, consultants, psychiatric specialists or specialist nursing care and medical monitoring.

Attending a more basic treatment centre just because the price is lower may mean that those struggling may not receive the complete care and emotional support they need.

This may result in an unsuccessful treatment and a higher risk of relapse.

So buying cheap could mean that you may need rehab a second time which will be incredibly costly.

Why are leading private rehabs worth the money?

When you pay for private rehab treatment, you will be surrounded by specialist consultants, medical staff and psychiatrists who can support you in the best way possible.

Rehab medical teams are there to help you; not only during your rehab treatment, but with aftercare plans which ensure that you are supported when you leave too.

See: Breaking down of the daily costs of rehab

Opting for a private residential rehab is like staying in a luxury hotel with only a few guests. You don’t have to pay for anything once you are there, so everything is included in the price you pay up-front.

What do I get for my money?

  • 24/7 professional medical care
  • Healthy food to help instil good nutritional health
  • Comfortable/Luxury accommodation
  • Leisure and recreational facilities
  • A safe and secure environment free from temptation
  • Therapy sessions: 1:1, group and family support
  • A wide variety of treatment options
  • No judgement

Why are some rehab hospitals more expensive than others?

  1. Geographical location: Price will vary depending on where the rehab centre is located
  2. Specialist treatments available: Holistic or horticultural therapy will cost more than basic treatment
  3. Level of luxury: This is the biggest factor in determining the cost of rehab
  4. Staff: Experience and level of expertise

Talk to a specialist today about your rehab and pricing options.

How to choose an addiction treatment facility:

As well as price, it is important to think about other factors that will ensure that you find the right treatment for you. Here is a list of other considerations:

Should I choose to go to an addiction facility near me?

Some people limit themselves only to looking at treatment programmes near their family and loved ones, but when you’re in residential rehab, focusing on your recovery, it can be good to travel further afield.

It’s more important to focus on the quality of treatment. Would you rather be treated near to your home, or in one of the best hospitals in the country?

What happens if I don’t go to rehab?

The Executive Rehab Guide for the last 30 years has been connecting individuals to the best treatment and therapy programmes for suffers from depression, anxiety, grief and stress.Substance abuse is serious and every case is worth treating. If you don’t seek help or admit that you need to try and stop your addiction, the results could be fatal.

Avoiding medical help is not an option when you are an addict.

So, do not let the price affect or stop you from seeking the help you need and deserve.

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